9 things from ignorance.*

1. if i'm a bad person, you dont like me. well i guess i'll make my own way
2. it's a circle, a mean cycle. i cant excite you anymore
3. where's ur gavel? ur jury? what's my offense this time? ure not a judge but if ure gonna judge me, well sentence me to another life

4. cause you know we're not the same, no, we're not the same
5. but i guess you cant accept that the change is good
6. well you treat me just like another stranger, well it's nice to meet you, sir. i guess i'll go, i best be on my way out

7. it's not a war, no, it's not a rapture
8. i'm just a person, but you can't take it
9. i'm not the same kid from your memory, well now I can fend for myself.

 *sama sekali bukan untuk matthew

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