about a well-known secret

So, still in the same week, huh.
I've got a super nice fried-day, fortunately.

Okay. Tell me how to tell you.

Actually, it was a very big fat secret for a long time.
Yeah, you know.
A story to be wasted.
A story of a dying sleeping beauty.

I am dreaming.
So, that boy called my name. And smiled. Seems like I have to walked a thousands miles just to see him did that.
Oh I'm sure I was dead that time. He started to laughed.

I know it was so funny when I caught myself write these cricks.
He called my name.
Sooo unbelievable, I know.
Oh, can you imagine that?

Can't you?

Dying? Me?

No, I'm still alive.
Do you think I have to fall myself down to the valley?

Oh, did he call another person?


He really did that.
That's my name.
Just mine.

Goddd... It has been a looooong, long time since I heard his voices for the last time.

Oh I know, i know.
Still 7 a.m., huh?
Don't wake me up, Mom.

... Or prepare to die.

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