being in love with u seems like a really bad idea

finally another soundcloud producer from indonesia. i can listen to this billion times a day and sing the same lyrics in dozens different ways it makes me feel good. jam of the month!


rex orange county is probably the most talented young musician of this generation and it's safe to say that he is a genius.

this month he just turned 20. and at his age he already created some of the most underrated songs including best friend, television/so far so good, untitled, sunflower, loving is easy, happiness, rain man, a song about being sad, never enough, and so on. his songs just cant be bad really.

no songs made me feel more over the last 3 years. but when i listened to this kid, man, i swear to god, he's what i've been searching for.

he can make good songs without being pretentious. his songs can be so rich but still manage to be lowkey. his works feel so fresh and original, but he doesnt go too far to look new. he's not trying too hard. it sounds effortless but not 'lazy' at all.

i like his songwriting tho. like he just wrote what he wanted to write and didnt give a shit. most of his lyrics are very specific, too specific it's either people who happen to experience the same thing can relate AF, or people who dont relate can feel how it feels even WANT TO FEEL the same. just like what he did in Best Friend. *putting that smile when u just shared an inside joke*
these specific stories personalize the song, give us the listeners such collective feeling of experiencing the same thing. sometimes he just cursed and inserted weird references and it even makes the lyrics feel more honest and real. like what he did in never enough and television/so far so good.

also, this o'connor guy really knows how to play with transitions. he's only 20 but his song can be composed of jazz, hip hop, blues, soul, britpop to big band even ska at the same time. it feels like when alex turner married michael buble and give birth to brendon urie who had sex with jason mraz and poof here comes rex orange county. he can put different genres and extreme transition in one song, without it being so noticeable. he is genius.

my favorite atm: television/so far so good and best friend.
ps. first listening may not work. try to listen to the whole song and try second, and third listening. btw, first-15-seconds is not the way it will sound in its 40s sec and 70s sec i warned u

i dont smoke.

cus smoking is cool. not healthy.
and not smoking is cool too. but healthy.


hey it's me again.

have you sat one day, and thought about things, and started to evaluate your life, mainly as young adult in your early 20s, and realized, that, there are lots of things you wish you never did?

well, i have.

and it's plenty. plenty of things i wish i never did. and it got me shook. and cringed. and at some points upset with myself.

and the way i realized, the way it came across my mind was so casual, so easy, like i was somebody else wondering why would someone do that.

and then i got me like.. i was so sorry. i am genuinely sorry and i wish i never did that. to myself, to everyone, everyone who had to deal with what i had done. it felt like i just wanted to call and meet everyone and say sorry and hug them, even it's for the things they no longer remember.

it made me wanted to pull back, from anyone, from anything, from the life catalog everbody made in tiny squares. for people to less notice about me so they would forget me, so they would be less cringed. and then im going to fix myself, do a better life, do second chances i never asked for but created on my own, until one day, they will stumble upon me, and get to see that i have changed, and it's not a promise, it's a fact, and that i have became a new person who won't hurt anyone, a new person they can trust. because what have i been thinking this whole time while people got to see me unaware of my own shits? i should have facepalmed and realized i didnt deserve the world.

so thank you, thank you to every person who has accepted me for who i was, or who i am, for what i have done and still do, and for being such wonderful friend with big heart for.. for never getting tired or if so for bearing with me and all of my shits.

but then also to those people who were daring themselves to let me know that i was not supposed to do the things i was supposed not to. you are very precious.

so on behalf of myself, my shits, and my will to be better, i would like to earnestly, genuinely apologize for everything i had done i wish i never had, that hurt or upset anyone. if you happen to read this, i mean it. if you dont forgive me, it's ok. but i hope if we meet again, you would see me as a better person. for everyone. and for myself.

things i really wanted to tell and share since the new year's eve.