rolling tires

Sing with me again :)

Thought this was the hardest week I ever had, eh.
Great. Those problems… Those riots. These feelings. And all of the same kinds inside. Oooh. My. Heart.
But this weekend was gonna be the nicest weekend I ever got.

After rolled out tires from (as always) my house, to the A, to the B, and the C, to the D, it was so beauty to caught that entire place is always closed, so we decided to isolate ourselves from those Silent Crowd to the Kintamani.
And here are silhouettes of us:

… Took some hours there, we went to the L! (L because it took the place after 'K' on 'K'intamani oh never mind) Then, for the last destination, we greeted the night at The Town Square!
Not only a fairytale when a long long time ago, actually, we have planed a journey by some buggy. (What’s buggy? In Javanese, it’s called as dokar, or delman, or whatever you called it.)
So, after parked our motorcycles, we started the action!

We bargained the coachman, even though we couldn’t, so we only decreased the price from Rp3000,- became Rp2000,-
Don’t blame us.
Threw my miseries off by dancing on the bugg was the sweet, sweaty, sweetest sweet experience for me. And for the door prize, you knew that I through this woo-hew-la-la-la with my best friends: my fairies, and I love them, I love this condition, I forgot the conviction, I forgot my pains, I got my tied-dreams, I loved tonight.
About the hazy plan to ride the buggy, we had the other story between too, by the way :) Proudly I’ll tell you bout the story. And here we go. So six months ago, we took around at The Town Square and it was not just like that but there were also the rules of the game. In the every corner of The Square, we had to make a wish. A wish in every corner. So every fairy had four wishes tonight. Back to this time, we wanted to reply that night again… by a buggy, not motorcycles. So romantic friendship, eh? It’s Ponorogo, Reog city, with all of its exoticism, and lights of the night in the town square… It made the night became so perfect for troublesome like me. Goddd… If it were just a dream… I’d hope, didn’t let it meet its end for sure please…
Uaaaaahhh… Two circle for the square. Didn’t wanna hold the end yet… Hiks momma… Shot, shot, the camera caught our silhouettes.

Time for wakin' up, kids! Fairies were only in the tale, weren’t they?
We knew that we didn’t wanna leave this night but what could we do, our feet found the way of coming back finally. Suddenly, we caught in front of our parking area again. Huh. Why? Actually, it was not only because our feet were naughty but, MEGA lost her motorcyc’s key!!! Oh. My. Shoe… *sweatdrop* Careful girl, eh? Yayyy standing ovation!
Thought; It’s a Town Square. Weekend, and there were more than one hundred persons who had opportunity of stealing. Great, Meg. Believed in miracle, and prayed to the Lord, let’s found you key back. So, here we were, on the parking lot and I knew I was jumping and jumping when at the same time my eyes stared the key that hung above the motor. Miracle does exist, man! God does.
Wow. One more experience tonight!!! Ha-ha.
Well, that night was ended up by the photo shooting again :D
Narcissism is better than Bieber’s fever, huh ;)

And here are the portraits of "Sinta-Jojo-Melinda Wanna Be." Enjoy:

(Yeah, so the conclusion was they became crazy at the end. See that.)

However... Glam night.

- T O  B E  C O N T I N U E D -

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