another lil fam

Sunday 26th Dec. Or, just say ‘yerterday’, I woke up n opened my eyes n see my cousins n their parents from Surabaya were here!! Watcha awwww.. :D
N it turned out that they came at the midnite. Haha.. how cool.
Hey. Btw. Yesterday my Auntie's birthday! Say, happy birthday auntieee!!!

The last one who took a bath, I wore the dress from my Auntie, er, without any-mind.

So. Yea we went together to the Church, n it’s like a great coincidentally that today was The Holy-Family’s Day!!

Um, after got the Mass, we decided to look for some restaurant n having lunch together.
It was still 9pm so, there are many restaurants who didn’t open yet. Turn there, here, n around, so, at the end we just stopped @ Sweety-witty-Joglo.
Itadakimasu :)

Went home, and ap-pa-rent-lyyy, my auntie brought some outfits for me! Haha
But had no time to complete the dressing-up that day. Eww.. :(

At last, thanks for the red-velvet one, auntiie!! I love this one out sooo much.

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