class meeting

CLASS MEETING!!! (and try out in the same time. Hohh… Nice week.)
However. It’s 24th December now, it’s holidayyy, but the last four days before were be a suppa-compl(ete)cated-dayyy for us, the 9th Grader, well, in my school.

MONDAY, 20th Dec: Day 1 of the CM and there were:
- Female 3 on 3
- Guess The Clue! Game
So, after finished our fight with Bahasa Indonesia try out, we were gonna down to the field toward our another ‘fights’ again and it seemed so fresh yea.
There was 3 on 3 and sooo sorry for my class, couldn’t let myself jump over the bounce cause my heart had been breaking for a long long timeee, and my eyes never got off from those orange balls, in fact the objects always danced and danced, shake all over the day on that colorful floor. Oh may be.. a past tale. I mean, NEVER MIND cause watch outtt!! there were Mega and Roma, who wanted to be a millionaires by became a basket tamer to accompany Nisa. CHAYO!!! Yeaa! Gotta fight with Columbus, actually, and our army successfully be the winner of the round ;) See? My hands never could be quite, and it’s so hurting cause my hearts said not. Imagine, it fell so constrictedddd hh, when you knew that you soul want to sleep, neither your body is. Yeah, like.. um, insomnia.
So depressing.
NO!!! The depressing didn’t stay with me forever, cause Sukma called my name and it’s time for Guess-The-Clue!-GAME!!! Anhar, ‘the smart’ one, and me, we’re gonna be a fine group, we believe. So we sat there, with the other smart-cleared groups from every class too, and after made a lottery of round time, finally we got the last round of the game haha!
In this game, every group, who formulated by 2 person (male and female) from their class’ choose, had to split their own group to be two sides, 1 for the Guesser, and 1 for the Boaster. The Boast would get a paper of the list about what kinds of things he or she had to show off to the Guesser (without any sounds, without open your mouth), who had to guess (absolutely, what more?) There were 10 names of things, and it would be 5 minutes for every group. In every name of thing in the list, we’d get 3 times for guessing every name of the thing boasted. In every name, we’d get 3 points if we could guess it once. But if we got twice guessing, we’d got only 2 points of the name, or if we used three guessing times, we’d only get 1 points. Overall, if we couldn’t guess the name till three times, we would get nothing, and lost three points of big 30. Or, you could ‘pass’ the name.
OOPS. It was not a good news. Anhar and me, we thought that the game was a game of our knowledge. So how?? How, how now?? Oh no.
Well, Marcopolo went first and unfortunately they lost 3 points. It’s okay.
Followed by Columbus, who finally, had the same score with their first comer.
Soo.. our turn came. Actually, I wanted Anhar to be the Boaster, but he did not. AND FORTUNATELY, Anhar got what he wanted. By the lottery again, Anhar got a paper of ‘Guesser’, so I had to be a Boaster of the things’ names list. Hh, okayy, and I opened the paper list, then found ten names of 10 things. Reflect, I boast the things, show off it all to Anhar and in the 2nd minute, we finished the round. Without “pass”, we got the bid 30!!! How… rrrwoww!! Yesss! Gimme you hand! Giving hand!!! We really had to be a fine group. Yayy!! 3rd minutes left!! Fuhh!
Brought the gift back to Napoleon, the basket team did not over yet. The sun got more panic so afternoon came. Sorry for couldn’t watch the game till the end, I had to go home first!
But it’s very rawksrawksrawks news when knew that the team got 6-2 score for hitting Marcopolo. Hahha. We are the Champions, my frienddd…..

TUESDAY, 21st Dec: Day 2 of the CM and there were:
- Transfer marble
- (Male only) Futsal
Well, actually, not only thousand times I said to the all of my classmates if I had to join the games of Tranfers Marble!!!! Hahaha watcha selfish me.. Ouch yea. I really had it.
Buttt… How could?? Finally I did not join the games today. Because after said my 1001st declaration, I met my class’ mademoiselle.. and we took a while to talk face to face. Yea, till now, I’ve been thinking that that was a short meeting, I mean, it’s just take an hour, but I was not. I’ve been wrong. That was a very long ‘losing me’ according to my friend who apparently, had called me for many times, looked for my body, and there nobody’s like me so far. Checked my inbox, and hill yeah, they called me for.. TRANSFER MARBLE!!! Oh no. The transfer marble ended a long long time ago, actually, and I wasn’t there. Oh great. Nope. That was not the whole news. Cause.. we also.. lost the game. So, just watched the futsal eh, but we also ..lost the game, again. No, no. It’s time for having fun!!
Hay, hey, Cake (Sanik) and me found a baby bird!!!! So tiny uberly cuteee… Hihi.. And our other friends finally joined us to play the baby bird on their grips! Uuuuu sooo cucy cucy cute!! Okay.
Then, suddenly… heard the song..: Melompat Lebih Tinggi by Sheila On 7 from the big black speaker on the corner of the field heyy how sweet sweet sweet sweating the moment was?!! MAN! And deep in my soul,, there was a huge spirit to get some rockin move haha so, I asked Ogiv to walk over bamboo and the loser must treat the winner with a plastic of ‘penthol’ *uhuk* so we walked on the bamboo, sound tracked by the song. Uuh and I lost my own challenge. Hahaw no problemomow.then for more fun, I decided to buy an cup ice cream and itsa nice taste!! Umm yummy!!! Really. DOHH.. And we ran to catch one another, a lil nice party eh. Btw ‘PARTY”, yesterday was Mada’s (my classmate) birthday!!! So, we planed a beautiful chic party today. Secretly, Ogiv, Sukma, and me bought some plastic and we filled them with water!!!
And at the times…

All was wet. All was well.
Lotsa thanks for my mademoiselle. You wasted my teras and it’so fly my day up. My ‘weight’ felt lose and I could dance a hubba-hubba now. Heyy… Big fat thanks also for NAPOLEON!!! Y’all were like washing my pin off. With the splashes of water absolutely!!!! YEARRRW.
And the ending was… we all tied in wet. Hahhahh. Woo-hew. Fuuhhh..
Oops. What’s that?
An earthquakeee!!!!!!!
Heyy. Wow. Thanks for you too, for reading this grayayay story.

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