a storytelling

So, here is the story telling you,

I born in 1996.
This is 2010 at the end.
So, I’m currently 14th from cutback of 2010 – 1996.

Um, actually,
My parent had been divorced since I was 4th year old.
And I’ve been living with my momma in the 10 years left. (rite? 14 – 4 = 10)

No, no. Absolutely I still connected with my daddy till now. And it’s not a trouble of me, for me.

Well, I don’t know whether I should tell ya or not, actually.. I should not have been met my dad’s parents. Before, now, and ever after. I think.
So, I just be familiar with my mom’s families. So far, yea.

Here my mom’s fams exist:
My mom’s parents, my grandma n grandpa, have 5 kids.
My mom is 2nd kid who also be the 1st female kids.
(Actually, there’s only 1 male who is, my mom’s brotha of my grandparents’)
The 1st, 4th, 5th kids has been livin with fun in Yogyakarta, but the 3rd kid is just stayin peaceful in Surabaya. And my mom? She chooses to be here n accompany their parents.

And I am the 1st grandchild.
I have 5 cousins which are females at all.
The 2nd n 3rd grandchildren are from the 3rd kid.
The 4th grandchild is from the 4th kid.
The 5th grandchild is from the 1st kid.
And the 6th is from the 5th kid.

Females are: anywhere.. Female’s mushrooming!

Ok, now, time for my grandparents’ brothers n sisters.
My GRANDMA, has 2 brothers n a sista.
My G-ma is the 1st kid.
The 2nd kid passed away 4 years ago when I am 10th. He has a female kid, who I posted at ….
The 3rd kid has a female kid n a male kid. The female has a same age with the 2nd kid’s daughter, n the male has a same age with me.
The 4th kid has 2 female kids. And the youngest.also.has.a same age with me..

SO. I recently told u bout my mom’s cousins, rite?

Just based in this story,, how many females exist? And how bout the male?
There are: 19 females n 9 males. Ha-ha.
10 hits 1

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