... diehard for these frontalities.
 (Sierra-VersaEmerge, Hayley-Paramore, Alexia-Eyes Set To Kill,
Juliet-Automatic Loveletter, Cassadee-Hey Monday, Carly-Kenotia)


How i love them. No. Im not in love with them. I DO really love them.

Well, sometimes it's so SUCKIN when there're sooo many friends around me that just trapped and trapped again in the middle of 'Hot Musics Issues' which we call as "IN" or trending at that times,, WITHOUT have any-OWN-sense of musics OF THEIRSELVES.

Oh, I just wanna be honest.
It's so 'sucks'. It makes me wanna puke. Yea, PUKE.

Hellooo? It ISN'T be a HUGE problem, dear, if your friends are going to die with Paramore, or Lady Gaga, or the others artist,, AND YOU'RE NOT.


It's expected to be your-OWN-self.
It's not a hubbba-hubba to have your own style, your own sense,
THAN if you're just followin another style which your friends say that "Hey that's so cool man!" so you're HAVE TO love 'them' too.

Once again I've to say,
Absolutely not.

Yeah absolutely YOU STILL CAN BE KNOWN eh, with your own sense.
Don't just pretend n pretend, baby, to be another person that your friends wanna be you, but be what you do really wanna be.

And yes, I love paramore. I love Automatic Loveletter too, n I love those female-fronted bands I've post above.

And YES,
It's my OWN style.
My. Own. Sense. :))

So how bout you?

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