maybe, i sud quit ma grimm.

-my great TO-DO list-

...well. 102 posts.

I think, now I'd like to leave this notes for several times later.

Too much to ask. Too much to say. Too much to be told.

My life's just cold. And tired in gold.
A melted bold, I'm such a.. bored, and I shall leave you alone for enjoyin' these stories.

Some blurry story lines about a girl that want to be an angel without wings.

A girl, that wanna hug the earth.


Dream all day. Die tomorrow.

Thankyou very much for your attentions 4 months left.

I should be a real woman. I just shut it up,

..and down.

See yah.

a KILLJOY of emphasis.

(but maybe I'm just kidding. I don't know.)

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