-Saveera Vivid-
ft. Paramore

Far far away from your seat there, in a very dark valley, where the darkness and the sobs heard everywhere, where the elves and fairies never stop to cry… there lived a big fat ugly woman,
called Momograga.
Yes, friends, it was a story which the faith had never been believed.
It was a story, which all of the children in the world never wanted to hear.

No one knew, that Momograga was a beautiful Queen from a very nice Empire,
The Blossom Ross.

In The Blossom Ross, every people lived gratefully without cries or madness. They always shared one to another. Children laughed and sang the nice songs. It was a place, where the people believed that the dreams would give them spirit in every breath.

There also lived a faithful Princess, named Momo Grace.

People who had seen into her face said that she was the most beautiful woman in the world. When Momo Grace smiled, all of the men would fall in love with her.

Many Princes came to The Blossom Ross, asked The Emperor whether they could marry his daughter or not. The Emperor was very happy. But, unfortunately, he always rejected their demands.

Sometimes, Momo Grace was confused about this condition.

She didn’t know, there was a secret that The Emperor hid from her daughter.
But because of her faithful thought, Momo Grace still trusted her father. She believed her father would do the best for her.

Day after day, man by man went home with a desperate face. The results were always same; no one could marry Momo Grace. Slowly, The Blossom Ross changed to be a place where the broken face came.

One day, Momo asked to her Mother, “Mom, when am I going to marry?”
“Absolutely you will, dear, soon. Patience is gold, isn’t it?”
“Indeed, it is.” Then Momo Grace smiled. “But… I think, I am falling in love, Mom.”
“My dear?”
“Oh, I mean… I’m not sure, but I…”
“My princess, who is he?” The Queen hugged Momo Grace.

But Momo Grace fell silent.

Actually The Queen was really afraid about her daughter’s feeling. She was very nervous about something. Something that she thought Momo Grace didn’t know. But she still kept secret to her little princess. She just could hope that Momo was not serious about what she said.

“No problem, dear… You’re really going to be a woman, aren’t you?”

Momo smiled.

“Just go sleep, darling…” The Queen stood up and gave Momo a little kiss, “See you tonight.” Then left her alone in her room.

Momo Grace couldn’t sleep. Nobody knew that she had found out about what her parent had been hiding from her so far.

She knew that she would be married with a witch that lived in a valley not so far from their Empire. She cried. Her faith was gone. He decided to never trust everyone anymore.

So, in a night, when the weather was so cold and nobody’s on the road, she caught herself crouching with a big black coat, went away from her castle, far enough till nobody never could find her again.

She ran and ran… She passed an island to another island, she didn’t know where to go. She just wanted to run, and run.

In a very sweet autumn, she heard some children sang together.
A song that made her wanted to run faster and faster.

“She lives in a fairy tale, somewhere too far for us to find
Forgotten the taste and smell of the world that she's left behind
It's all about the exposure the lens I told her
The angles were all wrong now, she's ripping wings off of butterflies.”

Thousand days and hundred months left, she was still on escapee.
But the song still heard.

“Well go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Well go get your shovel
And we'll dig a deep hole
To bury the castle, bury the castle
Ba da ba ba da ba ba da...”

She never been stopped her steps till once upon a time she arrived at a big dark deadly vast forest, because she felt her power was lost at all. She stood there, didn’t know how to take any move. The one she could do was, fortunately, she was still breathing.

Suddenly, she heard some voice.


She couldn’t move. Too powerless to take a move. She didn’t regret that. She didn’t have any of faith anymore. She never trusted anyone again. So when her power was lost, nothing to do.

Somebody came.

“Anyone there?”

Kept silent.

“Who are you?”
The voices drew near.

“I am a fairy.” Lied Momo Grace.

No more voices.

“Fairy from,” Momo Grace took a second, “Hoola-wooha.” She knew what she said. She didn’t want anyone knew who she really was.

“Where’s Hoola-Wooha? I had never heard it before.” Said the voice—a man’s voice.
“HEEEEWWWW!!!” that voice again.
“Oh shut up.” Said another voice.

The voices went closer. Momo Grace still stuck on her place. She wasn’t afraid of anything that could happen. Then she answered,
“A place that you would have never known. It burned down. I am runaway.” Said Momo quickly without expression. Finally Momo Grace decided to tell a truth about her, only one truth.

And, gotcha. There was a young man rode an animal which was such a neither dragon nor horse, handsome. He got off from his Dragon-Horse and walked closer to a very thin woman in front of him.

“A fairy? You’re too beautiful to be scrawny.” He stopped his steps, stared at Momo curiously.

Momo Grace didn’t answer.

“… and hopeless.” He added. The man began to walk again, slowly.

“I am fairy and I can kill you anytime.”

He didn’t stop his step, laughed.
“So, you are scary.”
“I’m not scrawny and you are not funny.”

And the young man stopped a few steps in front of Momo Grace. But it was a very close distance—too closed for how Momo Grace wanted.

“Do you need a place to stay? Follow me.” The man gave Momo Grace his hand. “Oh, I am Wichita Grara. And you…?”

“What’s wrong about that?”

“So are you really going to kill me? Come on. We can make friends.” Wichita gave his hands.

“I don’t believe you.”

“I can trust you, if you do not bite.”

“So do I. I do bite.”

Wichita Grara laughed.
“Do you? Well. I’ll be an ironic pig with those horrible ears and a desperate nose if I leave a beautiful hopeless girl alone in the gate of the coolest vast forest in the whole Dark Valley.”

“So is this Dark Valley?”
“Indeed, Miss Hoola-Wooha.”
“Just… go away.”
“No thanks?”

“Indeed. No.” Momo Grace began to walk.

Weird. She could walk again.

“Okay. Let’s see how long you will survive here without Wichita Grara.” Wichita escorted his Dragon-Horse.
“Shuuuuuuu…” like understood its employer said, the animal became calm.

“Momo. I thought that name was not useable out of Dark Valley.” They walked together.

Momo Grace was still quiet.

“Okay. I’ll sing for us.”


But he really did. Then he started to sing.

“So one day he found her crying, coiled up on the dirty ground... Her prince finally came to save her and the rest you can figure out... But it was a trick and the clock struck twelve, well make sure to build your home brick by boring brick or the wolf's gonna blow it down—“


He still continued his song. A nice song, but it was not a song which Momo Grace wanted to hear. A song that reminded her into a very sweet autumn, a very sweet autumn where Momo Grace was alone, and the children sang a sad song. Song about a fairytale. Momo had not believed at the fairytale anymore since a long time ago. They always told the children about a fake dream. Fake and had to be wasted away.

“—Keep your feet on the ground, when your head's in the clouds…”

It crushed her.

“I don’t like this song.”

“Well you built up a world of magic, because your real life is tragic… Yeah you built up a world of magic…”


“If it's not real, you can't hold it in your hand… Can't feel it with your heart. And I won't believe it… But if it's true, you can see it with your eyes—“

Momo Grace started to run.

“—Oh even in the dark… And that's where I want to be, yeah…”

But Momo Grace stopped her steps. They arrived at a Depths.

“This is it. A Depths of Misery.” Wichita said proudly, like he had really known bout that Depths. And he was.

“Let yourself accept my hands.” Wichita gave his hand again to Momo Grace. “We’ll fly over there.”

“I said I can’t trust you.”

“So you have to.”

“Must I?”

And suddenly, Momo Grace’s defense was falling out.
She let herself sat on the Dragon-Horse. With Wichita Grara, a man without conviction. A man who Momo Grace was falling in love with for the first time in her life.

“HEW!! Shuuuuuu………”

A sunset’s behind. They went left, flew above the Depths. It was a very dark, scary, and deep depths but Momo Grace felt safe. She smiled, for the first time since fifteen years.
Wichita sang a song again.
“Well go get your shovel, and we'll dig a deep hole,”
“To bury the castle, bury the castle…”

“You know that song?”
“I don’t know. Like have heard it before. But I don’t know when it was.”

“I think, I love you, …Momo.”

Tears fell down and it shined in the sun bright. Lovely.

“I don’t know what I’m saying but you made me have been falling in love when you fell out my defense.”

Momo Grace caught her faith again. Had been a long time to feel beloved since no one existed to be trusted. They went away to the sky, touched the stars and the clouds’ fear. They loved one to another, no one did wonder. Dragon-Horse still flew, brought them north.

“May be I might tell you about this story. Story which make I’m such had heard your name, Momo.”
“What story about?”

“Oh you’re being loved to talk and talk now. Well, it’s about a story which the faith had never been believed. It’s a story, which all of the children in the world never wanted to hear. Ironic.”

“Tell me.”

“Okay, I’ll be a good storyteller for you. Err, far far away from your seat there, in a very dark valley, where the darkness and the sobs heard everywhere, where the elves and fairies never stop to cry… there lived a big fat ugly girl, called Momograga.”


“Do you know how did she become a very big fat ugly girl?”

“I’m afraid I don’t.”

“Her son made a forbid promise with a witch. A promise that make the Momograga very disappointed, as a Mother.”

Momo Grace shuddered with her mind.

“So she went away from her palace. She became ugly. Day by day left, till she arrived at the middle of Dark Valley. There, she began to kill herself by eat so many stones and glasses. She became fat, she ate and ate and never stopped to eat till she became bigger and bigger. Unready, I offered to you, the view of Dark Valley.”

Beneath them there were so many sobs and desperate fairies. Momo Grace started to cry.
“There lived, a Momograga.”

Momo Grace cried in the silence.

“Momograga. That’s why I have Grara for my last nick. She’s a very kind woman. She found me in the middle of war victims, and called me as ‘son’. I never met my parents before, and after. Now, Momograga only was a legend.”

The moon came, they flew away from there.

“That’s why, I recently guarded you against there, right? Because I know you’re hopeless and I was afraid you’d arrive at the Dark Valley, a place where all of desperate fairies go. I don’t want you to go there and become one of them. You have to be rescued. I don’t want you to be ended like them. Just, because...”

Wichita kissed Momo Grace.
“...’cause I can’t do it alone. I can’t love somebody by myself only. And my heart falls on you.”

Then, the Dragon-Horse dived at a beautiful place.

“Welcome to our castle, my Queen.”

“If it's not real, you can't hold it in your hand,
Can't feel it with your heart
And I won't believe it.
But if it's true, you can see it with your eyes
Oh even in the dark…
And that's where I want to be.”

… Ba da ba ba da ba ba da.

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