-march on-

1st March, 2011.

Thanks, God, for everything I've got and we've done, and also for AANYTHINGGG You'll offer me tomorrow.

(btw, just found my photo which had taken a year ago. shot by Gita behind the BRI, and sure, it is me.)*

*photographer: Gita, object: Pipod

And about the boy.. I hope, ah, uhmm, would You like to give him the nicest way to live ..may be, without me, please?

I'm sure. And even though You also know that I never can be stronger than him for surviving, yeah I think. Ironic, right? Hahahaha so.. wish me luck. Keep me strong, I need to surrender please, just now.

Oh no. I'm breakin for shutting it down.

No, Vivid. No. You have to. Come on, dear..
Keep fighting..!! What-the-hell-ever things come and go. ..Just try, girl.  T R Y .

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