stumbled whoops

1 o'clock pm now and I'm just alone at Napoleon class--um, not so alone actually, something I can't see is accompanying me right now. Oh yes haha. They are just 'something' which need a smile from us. *smile*

Well, stumbled is hurting. Indeed, sometimes.

Yesterday I stumbled at the stairs. Ya, it was embarrassing, but then I woke up to continue my way again. No hurt, well, in fact it just 'stumbled'.

Since 23rd and 29th Jan 2011 on the SMILE, day by day has been passed by the dead claps.
19th Feb 2011, then on the 20th Feb also, after that on 27th Feb, next on the 5th March, followed by the 6th March, cracked on the 12th March, and suddenly was ended up by yesterday, a stumbling on 13th March 2011.
But the sweetest ever was on the last week. From 5th - 13th March 2011. I am in the half-past-die. Oooohhh my God.

PS. Yesterday:

All is well. All will be well. And all should be well.

It is the first day of my School's Exam.
I'll be back. Soon.