A Legend has begun.

And yes. Hello, ah-mazing readers :)
Oh well I know you never miss me, but I have to be back :P
I’m comin with another story. Story which I still wanna call as BEGINNING, even Life seems like always wanna end this with lotsa ways.

Almost people know I’ll leave my hometown for the scholarship in Malang. Crick.
Everyone’s happy, they’re yelling congratulations! Wait. But please take a look, at me??
So am I!!! I’m happy! Yes exactly. But for the rest of it, I’m so.. yea, fvckin sick.

Let me become a lil bit (not so little actually) noisy.
I do understand how to think as an ‘older’ thinksucker yes, I have to take a better look from the other side, and a better future’ll come.
BUT OH YEAH? Of course that’s oh so really true.
I do know how to quit my weak corner.
But if I have to be honest to my soul, my mind, and for Neptune’s sake, the Life, you do know, I’m.. hurt.

I’m hurt for being happy of a leaving.

Messy bedroom, window, the attic, view in front of my house, Pink-uin, class, library, Kintamani, Mbak Keeeemm, skate park, morningdew of stadium, Town Square, and yes.

Haha I’m so tired of thinking all of that stuff. Brother Naasaa’s surely.. right :(

History is history. But Legend can be lasted forever.
And I decide to write this story as a new legend.

Farewell Party. Graduation Night. Bajogiv.
I know this is Drought. I don’t give a damn ‘bout that.
I have had soh many pictures from friend’s DSLR at Farewell Party. But I don’t know how to take those hundred (or more) photos in a minute while the time goes on and on.
Also another and another else pictures of certain Chapters of my life.. Photos of Touring with ITC. Photos of IJHS’ Games, photos which captured at an Olympiad, photos where I felt like an Genius Kid just because I go with some most clever students of my school haha.. I’ll miss em all. I wanna eat it all. Mehh

Finally, 18. I've to go.

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