The Future Has Arrived.

3rd March 3333.

A lot of FUN. A  L O T. Biggest, huge, crazy thanks for Manta ray. You guys did rock. We rocked it. The night was sparkling along. I love you. I love you all. Decided to put some photos of House Performance, but it will be too much. So, I choose these photos of : Eagle! Which in the end got achievement as The Most Unique :)))

Well, above are the example of the invitation's sentences : Komodo. By the way, about the theme and hubba-hubba inside;
We (Mantaraizer) just want to bring you to the journey to visit the dimension of the future which has arrived, by the imagination and creativity, therefore we can share our dream and conjectures together. :D

The syndicate in black, the time machine, the opening movie, the obstacles and how it's solved. The performances. I couldn't do anything without you! THANK YOU!

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  1. Thankies for shared the photos, so far these are craziest performance we did hehe :)) an awesome MNIGHT and it's not just brought us around the time