Midnight Plane.


If I could see it beyond all of the tears, walk through collect the memories. Realize. Wake up. Plot the realities. People change. Feelings change. It doesn't mean that the love once shared wasn't true and real. "The light has gone. Should I come back into the darkness? And still hoping the lights coming someday." No. Walk through, beware there're still a lot of lights around you.

Maybe there will always be such an empty space or dimension or something in between where people trade the decisions and consequences of love.

Jedah thanked me for your light, Mercury. But, sincerely, do you mind to move please, I can't see the real light..

"And even if a mute guy tells a deaf guy that a blind guy saw a legless man walked on the water."

The worst thing might be admitted is when you wish your failures were nightmare; because when you wake up, you'd face it. You'll thank me one day do this for some reason. Ill. Yes, physically either psychologically. Both. Logically, unheartlessly. Yes. I'm sick yet crazy.

But no one owns me. Let me do this alone. Wander this hazy avenue. People move, so does the time. This legend is not ended. It goes on and here we go. It just turns to the next chapter. When Romeo wakes up and finds Snow White instead of Juliet or her Capulet.

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