Actually, closed my April with a...n incredibly horribleness (I joined at The Parade of Topeng Malang btw as I'd chosen to be the representative cie representatip -_- uhuk of my house. Yes, I think Mak cik took a very surprisingly awesome choice that evening. So much. The Education Department of Malang hand in hand with Universitas Negeri Malang and APPBI held a Parade of Topeng Malang to celebrate the 98th Anniversary of Malang city, International Dance Day, and National Music Day. 500 traditional dancers and masked musicians would join on this parade, include the students of SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy). There were about twenty two representatives who had chosen from every house. Hosh. U know something? The point is not from all the things above. It occurred few hours before. So we got the info to be on the OLC at 7 to get the briefing from Mrs Endang. The first thing which made us shout was. We-will-dance. WHY? Because we didn't know that WE WILL DANCE. We only know about the words parade hvsgvshs and, the secondly funtastic trouble was... It was a competition (ohhhp?) ....yes, the dispensation which actually would be at 12, became 9 am. We (TRIED TO) dance along before we were being made up (oh noooh yes it was). We costumed, had our lunches then went to the location by school bus. Which is, u know, without air conditioners oh man how were our make ups gonna be I didn't wanna know anyway -_- then you know? We arrived there with a crappy scenes, with no one stood or even the existed sound systems. Hope the goddess would appear that time and save us from the daaaaay. We were POTATOES for 2 hours. Other dancers from the other schools came with their stunning costumes, make ups and hairstyles but WE. WE. Then fortunately we didn't dance :') Matos, street by street, we were a Thorns -___- The huge parade begun at Graha Cakrawala (UM), continued to Surabaya Street and the dancers would be performing their dance on the Malang Town Square. From Matos the parade was continued to Veteran Street to Bandung Street and finally finished in front of Perpustakan Umum Kota Malang. We went dorm at 5, with very fueled tummies) successfully loads me with plenty of bedtimes. I become a Panda. and since I don't do Kung Fu, then I'd rather to be another sweet Mom's daughter. The Kartini, Earth, and National Education's Day seemed don't want to gimme the rest. IGCSE came. Been beating up the students with those kewl fitnesses.... I feel gained more FATS and that. is. not. even. a. good. idea. for. sure.
Anyway, happy 1st month anniversary, Dear Matthew. :) Looove you more. They don't know how the stories beat up us well, just let them say everything. (Warmest hugs and kisses xo)

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