The Eldest :) Part 01



Thanks a lot May for being a very mewi bewi blasted ah-mazingly awesome :D This post and maybe 2 others were taken at 26 and 27, a very 'long' fascinating weekend. (At 26, early, I got the job for YEP's photoshoot. Continued by reporting the news of above's photos you've seen.) Proud of my seniors. I call it Part 1 because yesterday I got a loads of photos too at the 1st Batch Graduation, and.. both of these entries may be alike but since tomorrow would be the 1st day of Semester Exam and I have no time to post the others, I'm about to separate it into two parts. (Still the same day and at noon I go to Malang Tempo Doeloe for some reports again, then ended warmly at Malang Post. Journalistics must be chilling me up anyway haha gak penting banget ya ampun tulisanku barusan ya -_- okay, you'd better take a bowl of popcorn and enjoy :)

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