Just Spite of Angelina Jolie Was Born in June 4th.

June 4, 1996

The Secret Language Name for this date,
and for those born during it, is...


Because of their quick minds and facility with language, June 4 people generally attract attention. When speaking on a subject they can be positively inspirational but when expressing disagreement they are rarely nuanced or diplomatic. Although not necessarily suited for leadership roles, those born on this day may nonetheless find themselves at the top. They can feel insecure in such a position, and must therefore guard against autocratic behavior.

June 4 people should put their verbal skills to work in a constructive way, because their critical observations, no matter how insightful, can arouse antagonism. In a word, they should focus less on objective truth and more on human relations. Cultivating a sense of humor relatively free of sarcasm can contribute greatly to this end. Unless they find a way to mute their impulse to criticize, they may alienate even their closest friends. (....)

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