My room is now a total mess.

All of the tenants around seem elsewhere out there and all i found was a stillness.

The wind blows the valance, music heaves the line and I just be like, a girl typing the verse in the middle of straggled clothes, papers everywhere on the floor, the bed uncovered, pants or i aint sure is a pant or blues, jackets, and some documents lie around towels, the blanket is dangled, pillows are somewhere, makeups on the chair, some fall other roll thru the carpet, bags, books, cabels anywhere near my feet, i cant even sever which ones are laundry or been ironed. But the girl keeps typing the verses you are now reading.

And my life began its race.

Aside from college thingy, morning classes, the assistances and assignments, Senates, the club, the bureau, their parties and meetings, i finally decide to move from my previous room. Well i know the room really fits me and the wifi never fails, it also has a big window which i cant easily find at other rooms and lodgers, but there're still some reasons to be rethought.

I. need. a. renewal. and i know it's too early to say such thing but every other thing looks so rushing, noisy and crowded over here and maybe the only healing is a brief shift like going forth from this stroking comfort zone.

Melewatkan dua kali malam mingguku untuk menjalani pembekalan dan welcoming party atau semacamnya bikin aku sama matthew menuh-menuhin malam minggu terakhir kemarin apalagi setelah Jumat malemnya aku kecelakaan. Hehe iya, dan dengan segala ketakjuban dan rasa syukur, aku gak papa walaupun bajuku robek parah (karena waktu itu aku keseret di aspal dan pas lagi gak pake jaket) dan motorku agak hang. Juga mengingat malam minggu yang akan datang besok kami lagi-lagi harus terpisah oleh acara kampus masing-masing. Nyesek ya baca masing-masing nya hahaha apalagi dia acara di pantai sedangkan aku di puncak gunung :)

Aku gak tau kapan terakhir kamarku rapi tapi aku bukan tipe orang yang bisa liat kamar berantakan dan ajaibnya kali ini aku tidak bermaksud untuk merapikannya.

I dont really feel like wanna move or something. I enjoy this chaos. I keep doing everything and loads of duties await.