aku ki wes ngopo wae to?

Year is changed and what what are in your bags of life have been revolved?

I will turn 19 by this June and Matt goes 20 next month.

T W E N T Y .

What a spell you and everyone in this world (me involved, indeed) chill the most. Well probably if you are older, you know how it tastes afterwards. People who's already got the sacred age tells me everything wasn't the same. Ever.

Then, as you follow the phases I got last year, I, myself, nearly conclude that.. everybody else has done so much further in the front. Then where was--am I? Trying to draw the line of the chronicle, exactly by the end of 2014 I didnt go everywhere but wrote a bucket of lists. What lists? My list of the bad sad rad mad days, and the great glad ones.

I read that I was waaaaay so far from the words come-of-age. I decreased. I saw myself turning a minus two three or somewhere year old while every other people is ready to fly.

Well, to be fledge, we need to be a learner. There's a line where you did not know. Then you did finally know. At the time you realize what you have not known. Then you were grown by knowing what you haven't known before. That's a flow. And my chart really is an eyeshore.

I laughed, sometimes kasihan sama diri gue sendiri, most times with two rounds of carmine upon tese cheeks. I read that I was being too focus on how not to be hypocrite while, in the back side i became, over naive.

I read that i was mess between being good and being true. I was on mess thinking that people couldnt lie over and again to themselves about this life, about the reality, about what others' thinking, people just couldnt be always smiling for making other people proud but be happy for what they have done. But hello, all of them is packed on one cardboard.

To be fledge you will learn that everything need adjustment. You finally learn a lot of approaches (read: eprawciz), i mean you even would be able to hand yourself a book with pages full of ways of dealing with this and that, this person these hearts and heads, you cant really be a whole self-willed that you just are. To be fledge you learn that gradually, time is a big lie. You can barely think about yourself, your safari, but obligations. There you know that you live in the community. You pulled off the words of tumblr that dont take anything for granted. Bitj you just ought to, should take em for granted. Exceptions, a. happily granted b, grumpily granted. You forget time and go on. Then you grow with them. Responsibility replaced the memories and emotions. You keep moving, and you learned to be happy in silence.

You learn, that people's smiles make yours.

You learn, untuk sedih secukupnya, dan berbahagia seperlunya.

From my single seat this afternoon, sincerely, my new haircut.

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