For me personally, this video reflects three things.

Firstly, DO NOT always skip the advertisement opening video on youtube. You will regret for missing something significant and educating or maybe just for advancing your way of seeing things or visual perspectives.

Second. I'd really, really love to make such film with concepts, visual, tools and stuffs. I actually took the making video instead of the finished form of this short movie bcs every time I watch a good video or visuals work, I don't stay too long on how it brings the enlightenment, or say 'wow this is great i cry candies' but wonder and never stop asking inside, great, how the maker perceived this and how he thought that, how he noticed such way, where and what exactly he did when thinking about the backsound, how and by which idea were things existed, how could it sprout out from the mind and so on. I mean, look at those people. They didn't only work for money or prosperity or these nice tux but really, they could notice things in which way others didn't. And made money.

And third, I always believe a thing. There are people who are caught to think and stand on (and for) the major capitalism's side (really, i will make it not looks so rough), and others who are still interested to do things on, I don't say an opposite, let's just say.. the authentic existence's side. I swear I still look for the better word to define what I want to say.

A bit sure that this entry will look inevitably naive in some parts.

//to be continued