Good morning.

I just wanna make some quick post. Well, yeah, holiday has made me gaining some weight and to be honest, it is not about being fat or ugly or not being pretty, skinny, etc. ButI don't know, just how a few weeks, in case less than 3 weeks, my body could change so fast. Like how strong, how bad the fat did I eat? How many carbs intakes I had?

I, then, feel unhealthy. I have done the eating mistakes for real here in my whole life.

No diet never means the recipe of getting skinnier. It is always a world's first mistake. Grandma told me this big deal when I was 8 and instead of most people here in Indonesia think, dictionary said:

noun: diet; plural noun: diets

1. the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.
2. a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.

Well, it's the way you eat. An obese person, he also has diets. Maybe eating junks and high cholesterol foods everyday.

Until on the last Monday of September, I went to the wholesale market. An these were what I bought:
A pack of Green Tea (Brewed)
A pack of Oatmeal
A sack of Brown Rice.

While here is my current daily digestion:
At the morning I drink 2 glasses of Mineral Water until one day it ought to be 12 at minimum and 3 liter as wished.
I brew the green tea (lenten)
Then I cook a bowl of Oatmeal (also lenten because I don't blend it with milk, it would make me even bigger)

Because I am not a vegan, so I still go to the faculty cafe, and instead of eat nothing I buy a plate of:
1. The veggies: kale (my favorite), broccoli soup, or whatever it offers that day
2. The vegetal side dish: especially dried tempeh, or tempeh bacem, or for real, the tuna fish
3. The angel hair. HAHA you should google it. In Indonesia it is called so'on or bihun. Yesh I still need the carbo, I just cut the intake. I substitute these white carbs with the complex carbs which will make me fueled a bit longer (e.g.: brown or wheat bread not the whites, etc)
4. If I lunch outside at some cafe that offers the brown rice, thank God.
5. And I go for 2 sip of yakult every noon.
6. I still can consume chicken or anything but it should be baked. Well at least I tried. And if not, I still eat fried food. But it is important not to consume the junk one.


I can never ever replace or substitute or stop consuming the SWEET ICED TEA. Never. Oh that was the genuine, classic guilty pleasure of mine. I consider myself as lucky tho, because soda is the biggest no and I don't like it so I can enjoy the lower level of a sweet guilty pleasure.

AND yes I stop eating at 6 pm. Or I'll only consume krupuk, peyek, and some other wind-containing meals.

Hope it works. Mom got surprised about her daughter becoming a vegan. NO SHE'S NOT.

PS. You can follow me, it's healthy :) and just a simple tips but it helps really; only if you're feeling bored and about to stop and frustrating, saying you cant bear the lentenship they bring inside you anymore,
visit google and tumblr and search these beauty of food combinations. It motivates you. Visual speaks louder right?