Pernah gak sih dalam suatu waktu, you've been this way for long time, thinking you've done these whole things alone, but one day, you find that apparently your idol thinks and writes and sees the way you exactly do. BAM.

Aku kenal Olga Elisa menjelang akhir tahun 2014. I accidentally saw her post on my following likes-feed, and I directly stalked her home feed. Wow, I love her visual perspective, like how she sees through things and constructs her feed to be a delicious brain digest and nutritious for the visual cortex. And she writes too. And she blogs. And her simplicity (i knew the number of the so called monochromatic style and endorsement and celebgrams are increasing these days, and that everyone is going to be on their own path being a new visual celebrity with these fancy model-look or traveling feed, i've seen so many women users been done that awhile) but hers is natural, original and, honest.

I once felt so connected with her but, I was not in that level to stalk further (like to her blog or profiles), I just loved having hers on my feed (bc i rarely follow celebs and or nonsense user such cantik sana cantik sini--I had, but I stopped last year hehe).

Until I unfollowed her.

And she came to a talk held on a literally-300-meters-away-from-my-bedroom venue. And I didn't come. And my friend, who has actually recognized her later than me (padahal dia join the community duluan) took a photo with her, posted it on instagram, and I was like.. chatted him at second.

That damned evening, I had nothing to do on my bedroom, feeling lonely and useless and unproductive, and unfortunatelyy, left a very hot event held nearby.

Then I began to be so curious about the lady. Then BAM.

What she writes on blog, about herself, the way she answered the interviews, bring me away on de javu. It's like I have written my own and thought and seen the same exact way as hers.

Then I went more on what she is doing. I visit her linkedin, and stalk her job, her foundations and, I also would never guess I did so, googled her kind of job's salary.

I found my self. This can probably save me!!! I've been kind of lost these days, stressing out on the fact that I will do accounting for money on my whole life, and it's really haunting me, and I started to freak out. No. I do my grade very well, but I do not like to do this actually. I know, it's a shame. You will see me as an immature young lady who's been living a life she's totally not.

At young age, I learned that I should be the one I want to be, the one I've been dreaming of. At the juvenile, I learned that society will force you to be whoever they want you to be and it's called reality. That learning philosophy is a total vain, and creating cool videos and writing won't really makes you a thing. It's not enough. You should aim more real, be that one, and creating your own fairy tale.

And reality hits me deep down on the deepest depth. That I fall on the accounting choice. Because it makes money, and people need you more when you are going this way.

How about my passion of books, and movie, and musics. Well every people also loves it. And they can become expert on it practically. And being the one who thinks it will be your life looks unreal. BUT I LOVE PEOPLE. I LOVE WRITING. I LOVE CREATING A MOTION PICTURE. I AM EXCEEDINGLY IN LOVE IN DIGITAL AND MODERN ARTS. And I am not an expert of em all. I just twice or some times made a people-said awesome videos, and succeed a concept and teamwork of self-done coolest yearbook of four years, and wrote a people-liked stuffs. And this is wrong. I don't have enough money to buy the cooler mirrorless camera, or macbook, or theory of the good film-making, or an adsensed blog. I haven't manage them all in a proper way. But there are so many people who loved the things that I love and they strive for it or maybe use their money to make it happen.

But I just went for another direction. My family keeps asking me why and why, 'you should have been choosing communications, or film course at ISI (i actually applied but left it for my current major), or visual communication design.. or matthew keep asking me to set a plot and start writing a cool book, and or my seniors and juniors keep wondering why am i not going for loans and studying on Jakarta or somewhere else that have a bigger deal for these stuffs.

I just keep doing my best on accounting. Then I found Olga Elisa. And I feel I found myself back.

She once said on an interview,

What is your true passion and vision in life?
I’m a person with big dreams and I'm passionate about many things; art, design, literary, people, and digital stuff! But when it comes to my life vision, I want to live a slow living life, someday, somehow. Just like most people today, we tend to lose the real meaning of the life we live. We talk about targets, strive to reach achievements, while time ticks as a burden as if it is chasing us down. I want to fully appreciate and enjoy life and what’s within, with no excuse. Doing what I'm passionate about is my bridge towards my vision.

and this other interview, which I have written on my bio too! EXACT THINGS.

My happiness is just as simple as good book, good movie, and good music. Saya hobi membaca dari kecil, dan terkadang saya juga menulis, walaupun cuma sekedar nangkring di blog.
Untuk film, saya suka film dengan gambar yang brilliant seperti Amelie dan film - filmnya Wes Anderson. Musik, teman-teman bilang saya cukup random, karena playlist favorit saya berisi lagu-lagu Bobby Caldwell, Simply Red, Sade, Incognito, Earth, Wind, and Fire, tapi tiba-tiba ada lagunya Naughty Boy (

and on her blog,
Olga Elisa.She claims herself as a full time human who lives in the idea of God’s imaginarium. Frequently caught denying reality, she shares all of her thoughts and imaginations trough words, photographs, or maybe your head.

Jadi siapa sih dia ini?
Olga Elisa adalah seorang sarjana arsitektur lulusan UGM, yang memutuskan untuk menekuni bidang digital, marketing dan branding sebuah yayasan NGO bernama YACB Foundation (yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa Fd). Dia juga merupakan Founder dari Do Something Indonesia, sebuah program asal USA yang kemudian berafiliasi di beberapa negara dan berfokus pada perubahan sosial bagi kalangan anak muda.

And a summary on linkedin which becomes the most mind-blowing thing that has hit me hard:

Right after I graduated, a prospective employer once ever laughed at me, as he said; 'So you graduated from architecture school, and now running business in digital world while being a freelance photographer, then applying for this sales position? You're losing orientation.'​

At the moment, I was struck by his words, and it remained in my head for a pretty long time afterwards. It made me rethink about what I really want. Positively talking, it was such a wake up call to get to know about what my real passion is at the first place.

I realized that I always enjoy being in the realm of creativity and strategic thinking. I believe that being demanded to think out of the box is one thing that keeps human alive. Yet, to be able to produce a work that people can enjoy and create impact for others is another noteworthy thing.
Deciding to dive in quite different world from my education background, I tend to be an observer and a self learner. I've been working in many jobs, both as a full timer and freelancer; digital specialist, social program coordinator, freelance social media consultant, freelance market researcher, freelance photographer, and freelance content writer.

Feel free to reach out if you want to talk about one of those areas.
Specialties: photography, social media strategy, marketing strategy, market research, trendspotting, social campaign, community development, graphic & branding design, content writing.