Where do you think I fit into?

I genuinely love the idea of idea itself. I love observing people and their minds, their creations, then I usually curate them into journals and notes and, whenever I go, thru or passing by these cute artworks or maybe quotes or books, or even some lovely settings, architecture, photographs, visual, I keep it in my scratches notebook. I love creating the ideas, I love sharing them, mostly in visual motion or pictures, and words, and combine it with some particular musics. I love seeing things. Wondering things. Noticing my surroundings.

I love being in-charge in certain projects and works that contain arts, visual, dynamic production with creative people and collaborating the thoughts, the soul together. I really enjoy reading. Words, quotes, again―ideas, stories, thoughts, philosophy, idea again.. mostly the very basic idea why we are here, alive. breathing. thinking. feeling.

For me body is only a medium. In this dimension of space and time, you need this body system to be not considered as ghost. But soul is everything. I mean, your body without a soul remains a corpse. Without body we're only floating spirits, but a body itself also has imprisoned our souls. It cuts some possibilities. It helps our souls to do lots of things, but in the other consequences it limits ours to do other things. We called it the adverb: physically. An the noun: reality.

Talk about this space and time dimension, so, the idea of travel the world is irrelevant anymore (?) I mean, look, with a vivid retina display screen notebook and very good quality of wifi, we can travel the world. Our mind experiences it. We can type and google and surf and stream to wherever we want, we can take a look, follow the updates and whatever happens there to seconds, we'll be able to know oh there is this thing, and that one too and so on. But not real, not physically.

Actually we can follow the class. No, we can't. We only follow the matter, the books or modules or theme they are talking, but we won't experience and even happen to hear the real voice of the lecturers, speakers, and their accent and the competitive atmosphere right there at time---wait, we can do video calls or long distance interaction, but again not physically. I mean, our indras (eyes, ears) do, but not physically, we're not there, it's virtual. Not real. Dimension limits us, our body is only a medium. It's basically known by: not at all.

So, back again to my thought about body and soul. Body helps the soul as the medium. But the soul itself, the most vivid soul belongs to they who awaken the minds to create ideas. So idea is the very inner core, essence of our lives. I mean, this kind of life on earth is very short and temporary, and we'll live in this other next level called forever in another dimension. I dont know what stuffs belong to that dimension, if it's still time and space or maybe anything, I literally can never guess.

But really, God gives us this common sense of mind, idea, reason, intellect or whatever you call so we could be distinguished from animals. And this common sense help us to grow the knowledge, the society, the civilization, the culture. And value. And money. And there was Adam Smith and there was Karl Marx. And then the capitalism happened. And the world is getting creepier today, for everyone's ruled by it. Intellect's bought. Moral's bought. The idea's bought. Well there are still plenty doing school and college for passion, for their exceeding curiosity for education and knowledge, for building the self esteem and actualization as it was placed on the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.. And still, everyone think people who takes major in philosophy is vain, regardless of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle.. who taught us the basic of knowledge itself.

People think of job and working and money and prosperity, and capitalism takes over the society and knowledge, and people start to just live and work, time is money, no need to look around and breathing, and keep achieving, running, forgetting to enjoy the road, attempting to enjoy the top of the road, which is the end, and then.. well, it works differently depends on the people. Some enjoy sitting along, reading the newspaper and books and brewing coffee. Some stress over the doing-nothing in their old days dealing with a very productive and intense young lives.. your body, which is limiting your mind and soul, will not let you travel the world and walk along the most extreme, exotic and private beach.

You are not just living, and working, and keep moving, and dead. You need to L I V E this life. Instead of wasting your time, you will curse yourself for having a very limited time, and limited will of the body, at your old days. Or if you even don't mind the limited time just to remember and tell your grandchildren the golden days of the younger you. It is up to you.

I don't say you must stop working and achieving. I don't say you should waste your whole time to think and notice the lives. I suggest you not to forget on balancing your life.

And die with no regret.