(im sorry it's not the official upload. omam didnt post it on their account and i don't really like the clip so i put this one anyway. oh and, stop the player once the song end. i put last dino's apollo on 2 entries before so u can scroll there a while and play it then go back up here if u havent finished reading.)

i heard this song on 2014. from 3 sources. somebody's path (he won't read it btw :), one of About Time trailer, and my friend's school yearend-short film.

and i always find the same huge energy listening to it until now. still the first song in my head when im thinking about making a video. especially a throwback video. wish my lappy get well soon. i really miss pressing that red button on my little nikon.

like every words of it. the lyrics.

i wrote on my snapgram today:

bias-bias sinar matahari sore. 
messy hairs. muted giggles.
berkas-berkas cahaya dari balik
celah-celah daun pohon. jendela
bus yang sedikit bernoda di sana
sini. tangan keluar dari kendaraan
yang sedang melaju. the hugs.
the fallings. the rollings on the
sands. the running on the grass
field. the closed eyes. the tears.
the laughters. the beautiful free

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