The moment when they start make certain circles, and you're not in it.

no, they're not your friends. they are your links. or they make friends for links.

i know bestfriend can be good links too (and better to be, or thank God if they be).

but it's different to seek friends for links, and sincerely make friends with everyone. the differences between bestfriend and links are, when your 'links' didnt perform a good vision for your future, you leave them. you start to talk about them and mock on what happened to them.

but when you call them your bestfriends. once you see them perform a bad vision about future, whether or whether not it affects yours, you walk backward a lil, take a step back, kneeling, and tell them they still have a long road to walk on. with, or without you. but you let them know, you're always there when they need you.

please if you do, do use them as human. not a to-be-success commodity.

conclusion of the title: yes, they take things for granted. in the name of success in capitalism sight. or business motivators have their doctrines stuck so deep and rooted in their heads. it's good. i dont say capitalism is bad. u get it wrong. i provoked u with connotation. what i try to show was, make friends. sincerely. if they're not sure about future, dont kick them out of your success-smelled circle. ask them to join. wake them up, sincerely.

how about.. try win-win. try not win lose. it seems so two thousand and seven.
iya sih bukan berarti kalo kamu ga berbuat apa apa kamu juga win lose. tapi kamu juga gabisa dibilang win win kalau nyindir-nyindir aja atau bertahan untuk melakukan apa yang tengah kamu lakukan dari jauh dan, menyerahkan pada semesta apa yang kamu lakuin ngimpact atau gak. terus bilang at least aku udah ngingetin, atau itu hak dia aku gakbisa sok ngajarin, atau takut dibilang maksa dll. jangan hobi suka 'di tengah tengah' ah. atau yah, mungkin emang dia bukan siap siapa mu jadi ngapain kamu juga ngurusin kan

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