frankly, i dont quite like the video in general (i mean the visuals and the way it's shot), but i like the part when she began to sing her original 'home to you'. so i put it here and when u play it it will directly jump to the part we talk about (or when it's not, jump to 14:10). no, it's not the ambiance though, it's not the melodies. i just, i just can sense every words in the lyrics. i merely close my eyes then try to depict what she delivers. not as me, not to personalize my story.. i dont know, just, play and sense it. i said sense it so dont rely on the motion inside that frame or on her face or on its melodies. sense it beyond what you see. maybe you will know.

you know what--we always have freedom to interpret any feeling the way we want it. we can always have our own exegesis. always.

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