My Favorite GAME

Unbranded tank, Pastell shirt, Water Back (skirt), Converse shoes

Swans tee, Mike collection (top), skirt from Japan, League shoes

After done the national examination, finally I can touch this blog again.

Yesterday, me with FIB, got a suppasweaty JOURNEY (yay!!)
After school, and without another uniform--sooo cool.
and here we went;
From school, to Cake's home (JUST FOR TAKING THE CAMERA), then to my house (JUST FOR TAKING THE HELM, yes, helm) and start the journey again but suddenly we decided to get back to my house again to put Wangking's mocyc. Okay, deal, and then we were fillin our stomach on Cak Basman, then after our stomach's fueled, we went to NGEMBAK wow how cool -_-
No, suddenly, at Ngembak, we decided to go to KUBURAN CINA, and.. yes. we went there =_=
There we got some photoshoots and after that again we went to Pulung, to KEBUN KAYU PUTIH, the place where me and my Mom got some (very) sweets phoshoots a week before.
The day was soooo HOT, hotter than the day me and Mom went there, so without took any nice photos, we decided to buy some beverages.
..ough. Then we decided to gat back to Ponorogo, to find some juices in front of Zapo. Ha-ha.
HHHAAFFTER that, we went to our own school, to pray (sholat, oh I don't know what is it in Bahasa)
aha, just for that, and finally,
we went HOME, which is, MY home.
There, the riot wasn't over cuz, for about 4 hours FIB cracked my room and hikss didn't wanna make it clean like before. My wardrobe's broken, my bed's crashed, and yea, HEAVEN.

Ehmm, just got these nice chocolates from Singapore,

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