She always says she had been okay, and so do I ;)

Alooha there, well I'm back now.
Playing God is playing there crushing the whole room and I.. I'm smiling, soo fine.

But poor me I don't know what to say ..and how.
Poor me I'm smiling but I don't know why I'm smiling and for what.
Poor me I'm happy for someone I'm not.

Feel so long to say..
Hi, Ponorogo it's me your girl who's so stupid for being too hypocrite for an abstract person!!!! :D

Oh well, she's okay, and so am I.

But oh am I sick? Sing that song all over the day, crazy to find -at last- ya, I'm not fine.
..cause she's everything, everything I'm not. 

I can't be more fake than this.


Been so scared to find that it is safe to throw my umbrella away since no trees along the path in front of me.

But at last I find that land..
A land where I can feel the freedom. free to breathe, free to fly over there without my umbrella under the rain. And even in the heavy rain. I'm dancing like untouched poem. I'm smiling yet I don't know what to say. But I'm still smiling, no matter my Mom will say to me if she knows how wonderful the things hard to be wasted and forgotten.
I'm dancin in the rain. Would you?

Ame ga furu.

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