Hh. The nicest April Mop ever for me.

Ya.. The announcement.. (click the pink word to get the details of the long-list :)
The ending of the story..
The new puzzle.

First, congrats for Dona n Asti too, and also for the other lucky 307 students.

Jesus, thank YOU.
I'm so gifted to be true.
To be one of 3 selected-students from 14 candidates of my school itself, and also one of 310 selected-students and got the number 21 (I don't know what that number meant) from 5000 registrants.. (is Asti true?!! that's so random digit!) I'm still speechless.

New month, new ground.

Tomorrow's gonna be my time for setting off.
Well, I'll go first, certainly. Dona n Asti are going to follow me on the next day.

I'll go with my Grandymomma.
I'll go there with all of my solved-puzzles ..for gettin the new to be solved, won't I?

I'll spend there for 5 days. I-will-miss-y'all.. no, I've been missin you all!! :'')


  1. Beasiswa Sampoerna Foundation SMAN 1o Malang dek :)