This has been how I living.

Almost a month I've been jailed in the dorm.
Yeah, it'd been so hard for a week. Those tears, the homesick, the selfless. I wasn't the same. It was a week of School Orientation and I was an invisible girl who did nothing. The first day, ribbon group, library, choir, and even in the BONFIRE. It was on the third day. There were two main rituals in the School Orientation, and it were called by THE CALLING and BONFIRE, yeah. What was meant by 'the calling'? A ritual where all of Sampoerna Academy had to write their BIGGEST DREAM (their heart's calling) in a small paper which would be put in the little capsule/tube (as small as our middle finger actually), and these capsules would be put in the locked box. The box wouldn't be opened by anyone till we graduated or in our reuni. All of us really did that. Yes, and at the same night, the ritual of Bonfire held. In the calling, it was all about the dream, things what we wanna do, things that made a spirit in every of us. But about Bonfire, it was about our FEAR. The biggest fear of every student. We had to write our biggest fear on a piece of a small wood by the chalk, then we walked to the Futsal Court where the great bonfire existed. We walked in the line of our own House (I'll explain about it later on) which is.. yes, MANTA RAY :). In front of every line of House, there were couple of bricks where we're going to break our wood with our hand. Yes, like Karate. We never do that before, we didn't know how to break woods with hand only, we never know how was our strength. We just had to break that. Before we did that awesome 'breaking', we did PLEDGE. Yes, like Sumpah Pemuda, and it's about our goal in the future. And finally, after that pledge, one by one, we really broke that wood. By our own hand.

I won't explain this session as well as possible cause there were soooooooooooo many sweet details that cannot be imagined by words. All of us went forward to the very big great stage, and we were all about more than 300 students. Wow. I stood in the very front line actually, and it was ahmazing. We sang SPREAD OUR WINGS (and also our school's march of course), a song that had planted deeply in every heart of us. We are really one big family. We cried. Then the giving flowers. We gave our parents a rose. And I was crying so hard in my Momma's hugging. She-is-really-the-strongest-Mom-in-the-world. She is the best one. She is single parent. She is beautiful. She is.very.strong. Oh my God. ThankYou for boarding me out into this Lady. I'm very gifted, God. I am.

Okay then we had lunch together, we taken photos.. We gathered with all of Manta Ray's families, and our SA. SA is Student Advisor and it's like Wali Kelas in regular school. But we aren't class. We are House. and we (Manta Ray) don't have a same class. If you don't get it, it's okay. You don't need to know all of my details.

Right. Then every student was permitted to hang out with their parents. That was really not enough of time, but ooooooorrggh it just made me miss my Mom badly when she brought me back to the dorm. (Bayangin, karena minimnya kendaraan--karena sekolah saya memang terletak di dlm perumahan--kami terpaksa jalan kaki ke Indomart. Terus jalan balik lagi ke sekolah buat ketemu becak. Untung ketemu. Dan terus dengan becak itu kami pergi ke ATM--yang lumayan jauh. Terus ke tempat mama nginep, dan itu bukan hal mudah buat pak becak mencari rumah yang dimaksud, sedangkan waktu terus berjalan. Dan saya kembali nangis di sana. betapa saya merindukan rumah. Betapa saya sangat berbeda, betapa semuanya berbeda. Adaptasi, sebetulnya. Ya, cerita akan mulai berubah seiring anda membaca entri ini.)


Dan 2 minggu berikutnya kami lalui dengan menjalani Foundation Study dengan sisipan CORNPARTY di pergantian minggunya. It was really great night. Disusul Halal Bi Halal night yang juga penuh kehangatan. Yak until pada minggu ini, akhir minggu ke-4.
FYI, I entered the class of X-1, which is called as the group of INQUIRE by the seniors. Every class has their own characteristics. And yeah, may be I am that one--inquire. You know, I always ask and ask :)

Manta Ray.

We're consisted by 16 students. And we lived in the top of the dorm--Third Floor.
Okay, I decide to explain this section on the other post :P

Day by day passed away, and MUCH MORE HAPPINESS around my eyes :')
The first TARAWIH.
I just called Mega, Asti n Yonez, and absolutely, I cried during that calling. I was on the attic of my room and there was a big mountain and the wide sky in front of me. Stars. No, my eyes was--because it lighted in the dark. After that calling I've been sooo ahmazing. I can be free. I touch that freedom. I'm smiling as well, this is life. I'm back.

The next night. I sent 3 pages of cellular message to (for about) 40 kiddos from my lovely JHS! :'D And almost of them replied my messages and it was really awesome to know that I am still remembered. It was just too sweet guys. It was.

Yeah. And Journalist. Thank God, for giving me that chance to be 10 selected students that included as the main team of Newspaper and Newsletter of Smandasa! It is really really a great gift. Haha. *Paling gak, jadi 10 yang terpilih dari 80 anak itu.. yah, menyenangkan.

And The Churching?
Yess momma, I do still do Church. If you wanna meet me on Sunday, just go to Kayutangan Church. Or every first Friday of Month at the Ijen Cathedral :) Because if in the first Friday of Month there is a Mass which is presented by all of the SHS-ers from all over Malang City.

See yah.


  1. pengen bgt bisa kaya mba pipod (huaahh kapan ya? bikin envy deh) kwkwkwkwkwkwkwk .. eits, aku juga pengen bisa mbaca smua ini .. gra* aku gak tau artinya jadi bingung deh .. :) :D

  2. Waah makasihh! tp jd diri sendiri lebih menggiurkan lho dek :D
    hayo2 coba tanya Miss Dien :P