Merry Christmas there! :)
Firstly, let me welcome you, December. My lappy had been so holy to be a silent one with no connection along these days. And ya, I think he loves to be cruel mhehe. Kay! How's life Mona Lisa?
Heroes Day, Measles, Teacher Day, Semester Exam, Mock Exam, Movie Nights, and Class Meeting--buncha fun we made at this crazy event. Hehe thanks for washin up our messy minds with those fresh motions, guys.
Oh Ten One! Proton, Kumat, or X-1... WE-GOT-IT GAES! A blast screams-rain on my last day! Thaaanks for being the coolest class of this semester!!! I'll miss y'all so so so muchhh...
Yesterday. 2 days ago actually, I met few of AVISTER again *inhale* *exhale* and yesh they're still so so lovely hiks--

Well, it's almost NEW YEAR.
How cud it be so kewl to remind that 'hey! it's kinda two days ago I said "WOW IT'S ALMOST NEW YEAR AGAIN! HOW KEWL IS THAT??? I THINK IT'S STILL YESTERDAY TO SAY HAPPY NEW YEAR, EH?!"' yesterday haha.

How's life dude?

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