Brand new Smiles.

Since I've chosen Social class and it's been Social Five, life meant overflowing with belly dances, bellyaches and happiness. I laughed a lot, I learnt a lot, and spoke out loud till I float -_- hehe
One night we held a breakfasting together with Social Four as a United Social, and it-was-a-very-great-explosive-blast!!!!! There were no fences, there were freedom and blissfulness, in fact at the same time Manta ray (there were 3 batches, daystudents, all of the Student Advisors too), but we, Banin, Nicky, Ocha, and I would jump across the valley for that! The night was damning.

Last month my hypotension successfully descended my sparrrtaaahhh and yes, my antenna got shriveled like a muchomucho :( But plop! SuperMatthew came along and aroused it :D what a surprise, we had a morning call, and blah blah blah we talked like nothing went wrong, and when the homecoming bells rang Bu Retna told me somebody was there waiting for me at dorm. And he was. Got my slaps, punches, then my day turned adorably amazing :)) We had nicely done a dinner at our favorite spot, a plate for two. He played some touchy silly songs and I fused thru the wind. Okay I digress.
The next day he chaperoned me until I touched the class, prayer together, and xoxoxo I only could see him from the upstairs till his topknot and slant smirk disappeared by the end of the road.

Insomnia hits me. Well two nights ago I chewed a savory discussion with Matthew about Indonesia as yesterday was its anniversary of Independence. At the end it's all just about what we've got and served. My idea was, nowadays we'll find the independence in the interstice of the clouds. In his opinion, this kind of independence itself is only a camouflage, seems clot but only a fume that empty; it's only seen and real when it rains. When we just compromise but too powerless to make any changes, what we are going to be is, at least, be our children's heroes. Yah it's not rhyme enough, but, DIRGAHAYU 67 INDONESIA!!! Xx.

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