Hey, leftovers on your plate dude.

Is it me being small or is it the universe got so big? I don't know what drove me to remember these things that I used to know four years ago. Yes, the year I did blogwalking through this people my entry will talk about.
The year 2009 by Sindhu (my JHS friend) told me about the band named pee wee gaskins. Their genre were so teenage and fresh, and directly made me sink in. I loved googling, no I'm keeping do, anything, whenever I got so curious about something (I think so does everyone) so I googled this band's name and.. pop! I found their myspace, they were so famous that time (I mean, in that period they were still an indie, ya) I fell deeper, I found Dochi, and his blog. His twitter. When he were still using hashtag 'askdochi' haha I still remember, then I knew Alexandra Molly, and Sonia Eryka: two young ladies who inspired me much afterwards. Tonight I miss them, and find all of this cast-offs :)

14. Be patient when you take forever to get ready. on June 22 2010 - 25 Things I'd do if you're my girlfriend. So cute, Dochi haha

..on May 22 2010, the time I found Sonia getting close with Dochi, and dissolved on a topic on their own blogs about Girls Facts that Sonia earlier wrote. I copied the cutest part(s). Ya, boys like girls but they aren't :p

(the italic words are written by Dochi and another pink by Sonia)
4. Saying something sweet might get you off the hook. Say it frequently and we're gonna think you're an asshole. and the fact that you said "don't ever lie to us" what if it's the truth? girls are sweet.
11. We hate your ex- girlfriends. and we hate yours too.
16. When you're hanging out with some of your pretty girl friends (or worse, your flirty ex girlfriend), you make us feel insecure, and we hate that. believe me, we know

(and, I found this on Jessays' - She's a girl by the way. I put it here as ensuring that.. you know.. Hers are red.)
6.Don't sing us corny love songs. (Some girls might loooove that, but I hate that. Just DON'T ever sing me Secondhand Serenade.) so we're on the same page :)
11. We hate your ex- girlfriends. and sometimes they hate us too
16. When you're hanging out with some of your pretty girl friends (or worse, your flirty ex girlfriend), you make us feel insecure, and we hate that. well it's okay with me but please don't sit next to her more, according to Dochi,
AWESOME THINGS #203: Listening to couples tell you how they met.
Cute, cuddly, giggly, smiling, holding hands wedged deeply in the restaurant booth. Picking nachos, sipping cola, you casually ask how they met and then listen with warm wide-eyed smiles as they stutter and stumble over all the little details and tiny moments that helped bring them together.

He did this, she did that, he was thinking this, she was thinking that. She thought he thought, but he thought she thought, and then there was this party, and then there was that night.

Just look at them.


Well, most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin. :)


  1. I love Dochi, he loves Kanya. eww

  2. great post :)
    re : yes, i'm from jogja sweety :)

  3. Zhi Zhifaa : Haha just try to find another 'Dochi' :D

    Ade Kurnianingrum : Hi! Thank u, see ya then ;)