Sweetless Custards

My tongue's getting outta commission lately. I can't remember whether that one is sugar and this one must be the salt. It just felt lenten and.. I call my syndrome as The Custard Syndrome−it sounds weird but it's true. And what to blame? These 'custards' rushed me, the sleepless sang me those lullabies, and a month without post?

Let me tell you the ingredients of the Custard.

50% Ecsotic
(Homework(sss-leepover), Group assessments, Presentations)
23% Media
(Dorm Election, School Election, Newspaper, Marcom)
12% Dormitory Committee
(Developing the programmes)
10% Love
(Jet lags, Bus(y)ness)
4% Manta ray
1% Saw Sharpener

See where did I miss the tsp of sugars or peppers? Of course I missed a lot of flavors and I keep on feeding myself with this horrible sauces. No offense but, when I got the bills, I'd like not to see my purse. I'll use my ATM. Still pointless though.


  1. You vividly vivid, hehe
    anwy, blogmu oversize pod :}

  2. Haha -_- ya, dont be tired for scrollin along then ;)