Little Red Riding Books

No, I'm not mistyping my title. I'm not talking about the story your Grandmomma told you when you were younger, but it's about my youngest cousin. I just wonder why an Elementary School Student who should be willing to go home with giggles and chuckles, hugged her mum and dad like how they wondered, and she did not.

She came home with her heavy bag (yes, instead of basket) which full of homework books (indeed, not the breads).

Away from the woods where The Little Red met the wolf, school becomes doubted about its paradigm as the 'second home'. Why? Every time we heard the teacher said the sacred word : Homework, we'd hope we never came back home.

How sacred it sounds for us?
At a glance, according to the dictionary, homework is work that a pupil does away from school. Yes, it makes them who haven't done it at home will be kicked out from the class. (Have you?) Refers to its goal as the way for students on sharpening their knowledge with exercises and preparations, homework's equipped with a precious messages called discipline. For them who own so many activities, homework's set in order of the time management. Furthermore, homework with a clear state of 'home' will personalizes the home-crews, there are Mom, Dad, and The siblings. The parents can be involved in the plot and control how their lovely sons or daughters do their school thingy. Yet, the atmosphere of a beautiful family constructs the enthusiasm of learning process. Moreover this kind of activity offers more time and a wider place to explore the sea of knowledge. Many different resources, ways, and things to do with the certain parts. As we know that we cannot only stand on the theory. Practicing the lessons would be fun and nevertheless we can discover something new which the world never realize.

How dare folks defeat the term is a different thing. Wiktionary tells its meaning with an additional example: You must do your homework before you can watch television. Then how if there are so many homeworks till you can't sleep or even eat? Does it build the fences between you and happiness? When this question's delivered to the High School pupils they put that rolling eyes for the answer. The more homework we get, the lesser time for being alive we have. The secondly reason for daring upon this is when I typed the word homework at the Urban Dictionary as I wanted to take a look on how nowadays people think about it. It was stated that, homework is unnecessary as it is given to students who have already spent the majority of the day at school. I just take one of so many different opinions there. Well, every people has their own perspective though. But this opinion shows that, actually it sounds harmful for us. It takes more time and effort to be done while it goals to sharpen our knowledge. But it's not only one subject offers the homework. If all of the teachers give us one in every lesson, how long it takes to be done? Beside the consideration to focus on each homework, of course.

How heavy the assessment we get is depending on how we lift it. Homework is relative yet absolute. If you wanna play The Hide & Seek with it, just choose to be the Seeker and never stop to discover. Because they're smarter enough to catch you while you're home. Enjoy or die. Do or regret. Soon, you'll miss home a lot after finding no work to be done at home when you're gonna be overtime at the office.

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