Beyond The Whiteboard

The image above shows us how Teacher is in people's mind. How about yours? How about the students' opinion? Are they allowed to grade their own teacher?

Well, it's very common nowadays. Have you graded them? Oh do you? You must be having your own favorite teacher or might be the 'no-no' ones. Don't be lie. You had one.

In the certain conditions, it can be useful and free of faults, indeed, with the appropriate ways. However, still, the respect term must be inveterate inside. With the rights of speaking up, it doesn't mean we (as student) can judge and mark our teacher freely in the public or everywhere; definitely, not. We have those cultures of politeness which provide the normative excuses to do such things. Obey that rules and both of sides will control their attitude towards each other.

Not only the students can learn from the teacher, but either the teacher can learn from their students. Teacher may do the mistakes too, and the students are allowed to correct them. It forms the spiritual atmosphere and certainly improves the quality of teaching. Teachers can evaluate how should they teach and provide the lessons. Have the students understood? Have they caught what the teachers offered? Teachers are going to discover what the students LIKE or DISLIKE about their teaching methods or whether the content was difficult or easy to absorb. The class might be more conducive if the teachers successfully make the pupils enjoy and comfort to seat there.

Anyway, grade itself means mark given for work in school. The teachers do work at school, ain't they? Grading them (with apostrophized, in the right way) means grading the parameter of the school or institution where the give they classes. Being a teacher is hard. Therefore they can't let them serve it alone. They deserved appreciations and so do the improvements. Students need them, and the teachers cannot let themselves teach no one. Yes, the students are not mature or experienced enough though. Most of them are still influenced by the emotion, labile, and fragile. And yes it's a fact that when the teachers could steal their pupils' eyes or heart and drive their emotions, there wouldn't be a very big deal in the learning process taken.

I swear gossiping our teacher is bad. But I'm not so naive, we need to let them know how we want them or the class to be. Well, I have my own favorite guru. She did make me like this. I just wonder how if all of the teachers in the world do the same things to their students.

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