Beep Beep Agression!


I've got the homework to write a hundred numbers of multiple choice exercises two weeks ago. Lucky me, it was handwriting. Tired? Just try. I felt like I lost my right hand afterwards. Look at them :

As the digital generation, those 'formulas' above must be overwhelming our daily life. They instantly make everything easier in a fast snappy way. No need to waste the inks in vain, no need to waste our energies, no need to waste our money (read : time) or either to move from our comfort seat. Through the monitor we can be another Dora, explore the amazing sceneries in this universe. From the inside of the windows, we'll discover anything, the oldest chronicle up to the hottest gossip that happening. Simply type this and click that one and you're going to jump anywhere; to the furthermost galaxies, to the top of the world, to the deepest trenches, nevertheless to imagine how the heaven is. Also, a lot of social medias lie around in the internet presently. As teenager, who doesn't love to express our emotions and creativity? Therefore, it has always been the best choice to share them all, likewise, make us forget all of our problems.

Computer seems aid our life. What kind of drug is it? Heroine? That make us relax? Cocaine? and you'll be happy all the way? The ecstasy? which going to make you sank in that euphoria? The point is, we are addicted. Facebook, twitter, tumblr; almost everyone has one or even all of them. Tweeting rapidly, loads of images in your dashboard, billions notifications at the homepage; once you've signed in, you're going to post everything, and look, it's very interesting yet annoying. Yes, you throw your trouble away, but have you ever realize where it's going to fall? Indeed, anyone could share anything, and the ignominy included. The monitor lets you face your overseas friend, you'll be glad. It juxtaposes the distance, and sets apart the proximity. Sit along in front of the computer, forget the problem, forget the distance, forget the meals, forget the time, forget where have you been, and forget who's your mom. It simplifies the job. Over time, you're about to be comfort with the zone, too comfort to move, and as the second goes by, the lazier person you'll be. You might feel awesome but you just end up being awkward.

Who's the brainware? Who can't live without another now? Anyway, computer does without doubt give us its benefits more often than not. But don't be enslaved by them. N E V E R .

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