Trick or Treat?!!!

Pathway to Leadership (me griping 2 balloons on forward)

SA Batch 3
The midterm test was over. I ate everything, Marcomm and Journalistic thingy... Wrote for this, and that one too, newspaper, made friend with the deadline, there were some events and (indeed) should be reported, wrote for one of famous national newspaper, being interviewed for regional newspaper also, and one more, the Dormitory Committee's Inauguration. For the dessert, last week, we got a pathway to leadership workshop, and yes, it was amazingly motivating and fun, Miss Kadek was totally inspiring and awesome! A lot of unpredictable stories and fun games..... She did rock!

Of course, all of them had their own bonus; I was like holding myself again at the night after the inauguration, where I sank along in the euphoria, sang and jumped along, pretend that I was a real senior high school girl haha (no offense); I also could travel outside the dorm on the school newspaper's lay-outing, there was a comfy and cozy traditional-looking cafe nearby Malang Post called D Kampoeng where I spent time waiting the travello.

Well, apparently, we almost reach the end of October..wait, yes? Halloween? Nope, I don't have any pumpkin around. I just need some fine wine, and you need to be nicer. Who are "you" then? It's not only about romance fyi. How about the wine? I'm gonna grab my glass this weekend. Wish us luck. :)

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