Oh I'm So Gemini!

PS. Who doesn't believe at the horoscope thingy better skip this post. :)

"Why everyone wants to be Gemini.

Gemini always has something to say. There is never a second when their minds go blank and their opinion is heard at all times. They are the most skilled at anything that requires logic and problem solving. "

They say that someone who marries a Gemini actually gets not one or even two, but at least half a dozen spouses in the bargain. This isn’t because the Gemini has a lot of kinky friends, but because a typical Gemini-born will have multiple personalities, or at the very least several faces for a single personality. The good news is that each personality will be even more enthralling than the last. The bad news is that you will never truly know your Gemini acquaintance’s likes and dislikes, because like their personalities, their tastes will continually be in a state of change. Since the Gemini has a mind that can easily run a dozen people, they find themselves drawn to new things, new experiences, and yes, new flavors. So if you’re trying to figure out what ice cream to stock your freezer with when you invite a Gemini over for dinner, you may be facing a rather difficult challenge. The surest bet is to get a little of everything, so that you’re prepared for whatever Gemini personality pops up that day.

What A Gemini Woman Wants.
Gemini women will be one of the more challenging women to interpret what they want. While being fun loving, adventurous, and carefree, she will change frequently. This woman is hard to pin down, but she will be captivating with her good looks and brilliant charm. Going after this particular breed of woman, a man will need to maintain a forgiving nature and intense sense of flexibility.

In their lives, Gemini’s want to keep the motion and movement up, progressing forward at all times. This tends to keep her talkative and highly adaptable. She is also quite playful and will want to bring your own childlike side out to play. The Mate for a Gemini woman will need to bring their patience and a lot of flexibility to the table for the woman born of the Twins.

She has no need for roots as she loves her freedom. Even with the tendency of thinking too much, she will frequently change her mind. Gemini females do not show a lot of emotion and will need her mate to be calm in that regard.

She will be charismatic and charming and will often be seen as the life of the party. With the right dress on, this free spirit can become quite the temptress. She, of all people, will be attracted to the bad boy rugged type. She will also be more inclined to a mate with an exciting position, especially in entertainment.

Gemini’s have the best intentions even while have a reputation for often being confusing and hard to understand. With simply keeping an open mind and a similar free spirit, there can be a match made with your Gemini woman.

Gemini in Marriage
If you’re heading into marriage with a Gemini woman with visions of cozy evenings by a fire, home-cooked meals, and lovely family gatherings filled with love and mirth, then you won’t be disappointed. If you instead harbor hopes of travelling the world with her, staying in hostels, backpacking across continents, and immersing yourself into adventure, you still won’t be disappointed. Or if your dream is really to have a passionate, electric marriage, one in which you both have successful, busy careers and fast-paced lives, but still find time for steamy encounters and lavish five-star dinners, then once again you won’t be disappointedThis is a Gemini woman you married. She can do it all, and can do it wearing high-heeled shoes and designer clothes.

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  1. I'm gemini too, Pipot... So this is way we get in to Marcomm ( nothing politic about that one.

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