Whoa! I couldnt believe I missed it! It was this blog's 2nd Anniversary a week ago, yes it was and I-missed-it. I'm so sorry, deeply sorry - too late, I know, but I didnt prepare for any gift :( ..and uh, the picture above gives me depiction about my promenade on this personal blog. I began by 14 and now I'm 16; memories splatter everywhere, it creeps, lay over every spot and corner. It reflects me, from the sweet girl up to a catwoman, yes, you'll find the chronicles here. The savanna.. and the flower that I've quote and grip. Thank you all. Thank you, readers. Thanks for stopping and theatricalizing my bucket. Feel free to get to know me more. I am ready for the worst; it's accepted to fall in love with my inscription, but you're not allowed to fall in love with the author, she's taken already. Haha, joking. Anyway, yes it's all originally inscription, not a transcription. I always write every lettering directly on this blog without having the backup. I'm introvert, and this one becomes my great escape. So, for the lucky pals who meet me out there, yes maybe I'm not as dainty as my blog, but here I go, with every words - I just cant even stop. Weird. My hands have its breath.

You'd better take a cup of tea, and enjoy.



  1. Condragulation pods :)
    and, Happy 2nd anniv anwy, skrivnost
    Keep Calm and Blogging :D

  2. I've got a lot to say to you big dude. Come back soon!!!(hugs)

  3. very interessting and inspiring post <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

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    1. Thank you! nice to know you :))

  4. Happy Bday to your lovely blog!
    Kristina recently posted.. What Are You?!.

  5. happy second anniversary to your blog! <3


  6. Nice post. happy anniversary and keep happy blogging yah. salam kenal. I loved your writing.

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