Actually there come thousand billion ideas in my mind upon this topic (which still continues my last post) about yeah, likewise and immortal, Life. I do live; I breathe, I blink, I move, I eat, I speak, I talk, I walk, I see, I love, I hate and more than something, I'm alive. I am who I am since my Mom gave me Vivid as my middle name, yes I'm grateful to be I am now. So, here the first point of Life : Be Grateful, Be Happy, and Smile (your enemies hate it). How precious your life is, how you can inhale and scream in the end of the edge; jump and fly away, feel the wind, feel that butterflies in the adrenaline; great.

What's next? I, myself, suddenly found this awesome formula yesterday. 2Give + 2For = Get. (whoops you won't find it in any tumblr or another sites hehe) here, it means that we have to Give, Forgive, and Forget. Another way to make your life more precious is, the forgiveness. Every of us has made failures, and we've apologize. People did the mistakes, we'd forgive them, just like we need them to forgive us by the time we apologize. Forgive and forget this rocks which break our social-bridge (I say) can make our journey to the grace easier and closer. Again, smile :)

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What goes around, comes around. Because in each variant there is a constant change, Physics said. And have you ever ask yourself, if God answers all of our prayers, were we ready?

I live and I own a liver. Without my liver I'm dead. Without my heart I'm dread. In Bahasa they have no differences.

Anyway, there live some people who'll feel alive when they're being extreme enough, they who prefer to be inline with the rules, they who love taking the risk, they who'll be satisfied with defeating others and being the winner, they who live and become more alive in the middle of that spotlight - crowd - popularity, or they, who feel safe behind the stage and seeing anything runs well. Which one are you? Somehow, there also live the people who can be any kind of those person in a random condition.
Here 2 kinds of Avril Lav's lyrics,

"Sometimes I get so weird
I even freak myself out
I laugh myself to sleep
It's my lullaby
Sometimes I drive so fast
Just to feel the danger
I wanna scream
It makes me feel alive" - Anything But Ordinary

"You know I always stay up without sleepin',
And think to myself,
Where do I belong forever,
In whose arms, the time and place?

.. Can't help if I space in a daze,
My eyes tune out the other way,
I may switch off and go in a daydream,
In this head my thoughts are deep,
But sometimes I can't even speak,
Would someone be and not pretend? I'm off again in my World" - My World

Once upon a time, I was both of 'them'. Those time when I was labile, those period when I felt tired. And yes, that is life.

I love blue. I love sky. I love ocean. It makes me feel small, and admit God's Almighty, He is.
Wake up in an all-white bedroom, a lil bit messy yet comfy, see that morning sunshine from the windows, inhale, smile.. Touch those odd patterns and clothes.. Platform shoes and denim was never an option. I love my eyes they're my favorite, well, camera too―it's my third eye. I love freedom, I live in it.
When I watch a movie, I grow up. It seems like I've just traveled to someone else's life and it taught me about facing and solving a wide range of problems with its solutions. I could be another person and felt what s/he felt. What else? I love sweets so freakin much; candies, floats, words :) and as an extra, music is a flame, eternal, yet make our life feels eternal.

I love rain. It wipes my cloudy day and put that colorized bridge to the sky. A real dream.

When you stop dreaming, however, your life stops.
Leader begin with Dreamer. If you can dream it, you can do it, Walt Disney said (it's been my favorite motto)

Sleep less, dream more :)
In the name of
Heart, Art, and Earth.


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  3. pipod . oke , i definetly says : i am your fans :p

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