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(..all photos taken by Banin :)
Well, aloha 2013. Again, welcoming the new year with my new haircut (maybe it becomes my annually ritual haha xx)

I opened this ah mazing year with Matt in Yogyakarta and if you've known those photos which I've posted on twitter (yeah I know some of you say "hmmmmm" with that smirk now).. but unfortunately I went home with a lost micro SD. Thus, I couldn't post it on this blog but I've already share them on Asos (jfyi).
Hahay feel so long to use dressin up as a label again! Do you miss this one? :) well I do.
Last Saturday 13th, I went out from my dorm down to the city. ALONE. Lol, I still can't believe it.
I am a wholly dumb for Malang-and-its-urban. I've only go to Mog twice and Matoz twice juga (itu pun pake baju bebas dan sama senior selisih 2 tingkat empat-empatnya -_-) dan all I know when I'm outta dorm is : Aloon2-Sarinah-Church-Aloon2-Sarinah. Call me nerd.
But this time... I decided to go out with some purpose(s).. and a legal slip + uniform. (thanks for my hero, Nia :')

The new regulation for weekend's-day-out made me mad. honestly. (senate or committee who read this, no offense, sorry to say). but nothing refused. So I was dropped at Aloon2, and with a thick boldness I found that Angkot to reach Mog. Lonely. Proudly. God bless me, there was Sulthon on my angkot, then yes we were dropped at the same destination. In the Mog I found another point (imagine that Imma Super Mario on the Mall) there and became over-confident to walk around the stores. But I've got nothing. Ya, nice to meet you if you saw me there that day, no one else, that's me) I found another angkot for heading to Matoz. Still, alone. I met some friends which always had that 'hey?! you..?' faces. Matoz hit me with no ATM.. and the craziest news was I only brought IDR below 100k on my purse. Glad to know you're smiling. You're welcome.
So I got that dresses, and 2 other cute tee-s, etc.. with my beloved card. *..and all the readers coprolling*

Anyway, there's an awsum project from Mam D for Eleventh Graders and.. Ecsotic is ready to surprise you.
(or for more clear photos click here)

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