Carpe diem.

Your life is like a wheel.....

Ferris Wheel never stops making me mad. Goddamned thing, I really wanna ride it someday. Will a prince with a white unicorn bring the glass shoes and take me there? Wake me up now.

Well, it's cool wondering that I've been on that wheel for almost 17 years. No, not The Big Eye but this life I'm talking about. I used to be once, twice, sobbing on the very top, cry of happiness, cry of scariness, or cry of missing the ground. While, every other person try to look up to the sky. I was up to anything that seems in the cycle, replied, and replied. Sometimes I felt like rewinding the scenes but I only passed the track, that is whirling like a wheel.

But now, here I say.. look at the wheel. If the wheel stops spinning, where is it gonna be anywhere? Everyone has their own direction, and I'm up to focus on how I can keep my wheel on the way. Imagine that you, her, him, and me riding our wheels. Trapped in a round world, don't have any brake, and hitting one another. We have that karma. action equals to reaction and so does the life (in this case the wheel), we have to be very careful to have our focus and control. Reflect the impact, that's our brake.
We could take a breath and fix some wrong direction, try to set and adjust the velocity, the destiny, and ride it good dudes \m/

Tears is allowed, but in appropriate way. We could be impatient to wait to be on the top, see overseas, see over the sky, but remind ourselves that we still could enjoy the mess of our heart-beat and fire up the soul to be ready shouting at the peak! Don't be sorry for anything. Prepare yourself, prepare the bravery, and pray for the best.

I couldnt imagine if I was caught at the top of the wheel alone and no one could help me..it's gonna be very scary and.. itchy :( I need you, everyone..


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  2. U turned the words 'seize the day' become an un-well-known latin words.. i cant barely guessed the meaning at first.