A Belated Round-Robin

Hahay I'm sorry for this belated post. Maybe I was too hyped with Boston thingy lately so I cant stop surfing anywhere while yes, physically I'm only sitting. Well, Boston seems nice to be a future homestay (rather than NY, SF, or maybe Chicago) but please underline the word seems because Selena told me that everything is not what it seems. This site told me that Boston is a city “rich in history,” boasting “great accommodations and wonderful restaurants.”  With plenty to see, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science, and Boston Common, the city is a regular on our list.  If you’re not up for a walk around town, kick back and relax on a Duck Boat tour or catch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. It's listed on top 10 cities in US with Ambience: 83.1 Friendliness: 56.9 Lodging: 76.4 Restaurants: 84.8 Culture/Sites: 91.3 Shopping: 72.3 rates.

Slap me in the face for the awkward preface. NY is the most desirable tho! With-your-master-cards baby (plural)

Away from Boston, with a broad-minded, selfishly, let me share you my own verse for State of The Union. Where did I put my time machine oh no......

1. Left X Grade (bye IGCSE)
2. Entered Social Class (which is Ecsotic)
3. Jonathan's
4. Turned 16 (without families, but celebrated as a Princess)
5. Holiday in Yogyakarta with the one I love
6. LDR (again)
7. New blog (with above 3k pageviewers in 4 months launch, freakin me awt inside)
9. Incorporated in Marcomm
10. Solo-camped
11. Got taller
13. A family road-holiday
14. Got new haircut myself twice
15. Watched loadsa movies minus subtitles
1. Got C in ESL *thousand sad emoticons*
2. Heartbroken and broken hearts
3. Lost my ATM twice
4. Lost my purse once
5. No 90 in mid-term report
6. Couldn't cook a noodle well in front of my bf
7. being isolated - another urbanfail -_-
8. First Easter without families
1. Stay 47 kg
2. Get taller
3. 90+ in mid-term report
4. Top 5 of Class
5. Frugal
7. Win competitions
8. Quit over-tweeting
9. Turn 17 sweetly
10.  Stay awesome
11. Sing in front of you
12. Serious designing
13. Make video-cover
14. Cook Kari Ayam
15. Make friend with face powder

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