Lebih Lanjut Perihal Paradoks.

Honorable readers,
Lately, I see some eyesores and symptoms around me. It's rather considered as syndrome maybe, or crisis, and I'm sure if silence is golden then speaking up is diamond. Away from Spring's topic last month, I'm going to analyze several cases in this world, as it's been the greatest laboratory existed. Life is a cycle. A big cycle where all people 'trapped' inside. I've written on Asos last year,
Adakah di sini yang pernah berpikir, bahwa kita semua terjebak dalam siklus yang sama?
Analoginya adalah rumus tenses.

Ketika kita tarik garis lurus, dan membuat titik di tengah-tengahnya, namakan titik tersebut sebagai present.
Di kirinya adalah past, di kirinya lagi adalah perfect, dan di kanan present adalah future.
Pernahkan kita merasa bahwa apa yang kita alami saat ini (present) mungkin adalah past dari orang lain. Atau, present seseorang adalah past kita? Mungkin juga present seseorang adalah future Anda.
Majas is a special technique by using figurative language (expressive language used). But sometimes we also find this figure of speech in daily life in which the figure of speech intended to emphasize a certain thing. One of them is Totum pro parte. A Latin for "the whole for a part"; it refers to a kind of synecdoche. When used in a context of language it means that something is named after something of which it is only a part (or only a limited characteristic, in itself not necessarily representative for the whole).
..and where. is. the. correlation. between. them? The syndrome refers to the way we behave. When we think it's too mainstream then we try to avoid that, which apparently, nowadays, things we do are just another mainstream. I found it on Lxa's:
you said it feels so boring to be straightforwarded enuff. you thought you should be different. then you acted like a bada$$. let people know they're just mainstream and boring. then lose your manner, your figure of speech, your class. hello, arrogant, since you've got that position, use it wisely. do not be another nut, they forget their shells. remember the cycle, no, don't blame karma. when you're wanted you start to make another people unwanted. then when you're unwanted you curse people upon the throne. you could point everyone else, but try at least once - point it to the mirror. i'm always wrong but you're never right. we're not playing God. i'm not your enemy. play it fair. not just because we're different then we have to win a thing.

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