Drizzling along..

Hi dudes and dudettes,

I know, I haven't been around for a while. 3 months to be exact. Where have I gone? Where did all the pipodly posts go? Well, I have a better excuse other than the fact that I go to school full-time, work that horrible jobs and try so hard to have a social life. The truth is, I have lost my will to write posts, if you noticed. Remember back in 2012 when all I wrote about was daily and boy stuff? It backfired at me.

I came upon a thought a few hours ago. The jobs..I've been handed in since I was marcommfella..actually keeps me away from my Niko (my camera). No, physically we're close. But despite of us-time or me-time, we're close for others; who gives us jobs. I gradually lose one by one of all the moments which exactly have to be captured.

This time I just want to find myself back. Find my Skrivnost back.

J a n u a r y .
(Left to right: My new-year-holiday-partner in Yogyakarta, Sampoerna Academy to University - held in Mercusuar - where all of alumni's representers from every university came and give 12 graders the preface toward their college thingy, Percussion lads' perfomance which also brought the school to be one of PPST National Schools)

F e b r u a r y .
(Left to right: My ex-stop-motion-materials aftershow, Boci The Agent1402 from Matthew, One of Miss Kadek's comment in my TLIM journal)

M a r c h .
(Left to right: Tasya among the crowd in front of Building B on her visit to SMAN 10 Malang with Indonesia Environment Minister and Malang's Provost, Ecsotic with Lao Shi after performing Chinese Colossal Drama, THE YEARBOOK)

Whoops! I have to go! Puput and Nana is now waiting for me at our cooknight! ..and still loads of thing to do.. well.. be home for this year's Easter! :)

I'm back. 2012 style.


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