Summer Thrill.

Mostly taken around 2010. No re-editing. (Credits : Nadia Megarani, Erla Prajawati, Sanik Ismata, Gita Fitri, Dyah Ayu, Valandhoni Redicha, Senasindhu Sasyadhara, Nolim Istiqomah, Ucha Nadia, Asha Puspita, Reyhan Naufal, Yoichi Maranatha, Steven Tirta, Septyanita Monica, Mbak Erna, Quintania, Herlia Agni, Difa Aridilhaq, Johan Wijaya, Ardian Restu, Septianggita, Edbert Djohari, Dimas Risqi, Nastiti Lintang, Yonez Virgin, Fernia Julantika, Brian, M Tito, Rara, Avirruyana Dhefrinda, Ressya Ayu, Sukma Arum, Putri, Nadia BB, Annisa Nur, Intan Ayu, Handria Ama, Yoga Pamungkas, M Ulfa, Kharits, Edo, Reinardus Redo, Shinata, Mas Salman, Risang Pamor, Bagus P, and whoever unmentioned. Forgive me for wrong spelling, forgive me for showing what you want to hide or forget.)

Being one of 93 students, the #6 batch of Integrated Junior High School never stop me to thank God and mom who became the most stubborn person to convince me when I was crying all night long because I wasn't allowed to enter Jhs 1. Haha I still remember my first day of SSO (other schools call it MOS/Ospek). Ucha and Gita were my very first chair'mates'. Then I joined a freaking awesome group; Pilot. I met Reyhan Naufal Zaki (wait, in the photo 9 he was the boy standing in the middle, he shorten his name become Reynaza afterwards but we used to call him Kipli) as the captain who owned the most punch-able face, Bagus P (in the last photo wearing the blue tshirt), Senasindhu (who becomes the most seen boy above-you know who, yes, the pocong), Paes Wijaya (haha), Galang, Donio Ogiva whose great voice, Nolim Istiqomah, Herlia Agni (my ex lesbi-mate, no, you're wrong) and Aya (the most quite girl alive). It's always been amazing to wonder how we could be that close in two days.. Kipli, Sindhu, and Bagus P came to my house by bike, got lost, found another 'Vivid' gyahaha! By 2009-2010, I met Fairy In Boots; Nadia Megarani (who becomes the most seen girl above, she is now in Semarang), Sanik Ismata (the girl in photo 2 and many more), Dyah Ayu (call her Wangking or King, the 2nd girl from left in photo 4), and Gita (yes the first mate, photo 4, first girl from left. We -very- often went to Yogyakarta by Travel ourselves hihi). The other are Erla Prajawati (call her Ginyong or Giny - photo 1 wearing her grey jacket or photo 6 with her brown tshirt), Valan (Sanik's longlasted boyfriend, photo 7 riding the bike).. And SCM (stands for Sweetie Candy Monzta); Risang Pamor Katon (known as Kcx - read : Keceng, in two last photos wearing red sweater - the rythm guitarist), Yoga Pamungkas (well-known as Pekas, the bassist), Ata Shinata (photo 4 from bottom wearing Sh#t happens black tshirt - just wonder why was he there because he was from Jhs 3 as lead guitarist), and  Dion Algadamara (called as Pak Bos, To'on, or anything you want him to be called as the drummer. He was Jhs 6, so he never appears above). SCM has taught me a lot about life and its branches; Reality and Fun. My SHS friend, Shendy, has asked me one day, in an open debate about morale, 'what do you think about punk?' as Ponorogo is known as one of town which has a lot of punk communities. Haha, I just realized that time, he asked to the very right person cause I didn't only know about them but also spent my nights with them. No, I'm not a punker. You'll be another Shendy if you think punk is the terms for they whose mohawk hairstyle, piercing anywhere, and nomaden. No, for me, punk is the way you have fun, the way you eat your meal, not theirs, live your own life, not other's. Literally, punk is one of music style. Believe or not I love punk. You love Avril Lavigne? She's punker. You love Paramore? Its genre is punk rock. Blink182? I love them! And they're punk. Punk is not always your style or whatever exists on yours, but what fits you. Nightlife is not always bad. It doesn't mean they're good. But don't ever try to judge a person if you don't live their life, eat their food, see what they see, or walk as far as their feet go. I have ever went home alone above 11pm more than once, does it mean I'm a badgirl? I never touch the cigarettes, alcohol, or freesex. I was at the Active class with the number 6 at placement rank list and my worst rank of try out was 19th. SCM respects me as I was. They never put me at the wrong place. They treated me as they want their daughter treated. So please, stop your bad paradigm about them. In the 11th column you'd meet me in the 9 grade. A lovely Napoleon. Here I had Nastiti Lintang Kinasih, Yonez Virgin Anastiti, Sukma Arum Pragmangesti, Ama! Niken, Mada, Yoichi (the boy on the swinging), Dinar, Tito, Paradise, Nisa... Ah, junior high school... The most lovable family (sorry to say) ever. Instead of 'Bu' or 'Pak', we called our teachers with 'Miss' 'Mbak' and 'Mas'. More than that, we were allowed to text our teacher even it's midnight when there was trouble. In the 8th column, the rightmost photo shows me and Mbak Erna (Economics teacher and my classtrustee). And I've never regretted to be among them anymore dear Mom; they are the greatest generation I would have ever met. Oh, you have to meet Miss Dien (my 9 grade classtrustee) and you'll get confused who's my real biological mom. I've never found a friendship and family like this afterwards, a very lovable daily relationship. Conflict, yes, but it proves something we call as 'contact'. Because if there was contact, there must be frictions rite? Every single day had a new story, a memory. If memory could be exchanged by money, The Golden Triangle should have been mine. Someone say... "friendship will end, but family lasts forever." You know something? I've written 1001 words.

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