artiste de l'école

My mama told me when I was young
We're all born superstars...

-Lady Gaga

I'm not thinkin' 'bout you haters
'Cause, hey, I could be a superstar
I'll see you when you wash my car


Hey-hey-hey you and me keep on dancing in the dark,
it’s been tearing me apart, never knowing what we are.
Hey-hey-hey you and me keep on tryin to play it cool,
now it’s time to make a move and that’s what I’m gonna do...

This week goes crazy! Feels like I study in an Artist School! Especially when this thing happens :

The Synopsis.
Wisconsin, United States, is a very highly educated district which has several top high schools. One of them is Lancaster Senior High School. It’s considered as the highly recommended high school for parents, especially if theirs are smart or high-scored. Lancaster owns so many attractive extracurricular; they’ve been producing some celebrities and high qualified dancers and singers.
Lately, Lancaster feels threatened with the existence of a new high school, The Rufus King. Since its appearance in 2000, the school has achieved hundred of champions. A very surprising number, people know, as only the high-classed family could drop their children there.
Lancaster and Rufus King (RK) simply become rivalries for almost 10 years. Its school-hood is without-doubt full of competitions and dramas. But who knows? These are romance, friendship, music and dance could fuse the fences between the schools.
James and Jane from RK, have a very sweet best-friend story with Mia from Lancaster. Mia is one of Lancaster sopranos. They live neighboring in a real estate. They often hang out, having lunch or dinner together and even for dancing or singing. Nobody knows James has fallen for Mia from long ago.
Another story comes from Alex and Becca. Actually Alex was Lancaster, but since he was rejected from the team after singing the same song with the captain of the group in its team’s audition last year, Alex who owns limousine and hammer, simply could move to the RK afterwards. Lucky boy, he successfully joins the RK team for THE STARSHIP this year.
THE STARSHIP is a choir championship which has been held annually by University of Columbia to grab its National Crown. For the last 4 years, RK was staying on the top and never moves the Crown from their hands.
Becca is Alex’s sister who studies at Lancaster. In thus, they always have quarrel onto another. Their Dad was the alumni of Lancaster while their Mom graduated as The Rufus King, and both of them were the legends from this championship. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson let their children do what they want, as they believe when Alex and Becca get mature someday, they’ll laugh at the way they are now.
Pete, the smart-ass one, always practices dancing invisibly because his Mom never allows him to do so. Pete’s Dad, who has passed away 3 years ago, was a master of dance. Seeing her son dancing only makes Mrs. Knowles stuck on Pete’s Dad, as it hurts her slowly. Unfortunately, nothing could stop Pete; dancing is his biggest ‘lie’ either life, as it’s bloodily grown inside.
A shiny day of Wisconsin brings those wide smiles upon RK students, until they meet Mrs. Barker, their rude sport teacher. She ruins the exercises with grumping along, but the noon turns sweetly after they got a quality time for their newbie’s audition.
Of course some new members are needed. And the vacancies are filled up. The preparation runs right; they’re going to have some fun!
Who will grab the crown? Or will the two giants become one? You can never guess. Don’t miss it!

Inspired by Glee, we showed a musical drama during 1,15 hours, yes, me dance too -_-
Probably I'll take the video here on the next post hihi!

AFTERSHOW (sweaty faces)

It was really fun when I went to school at the morning, all the students walked through the school path bringing their properties, like, clothes with its hangers, shoes, wedges, hats, and bags like we were in Hollywood or broadways! At the nights before the show time, we always went down to the classroom for having the practices till midnight or something... Classrooms transformed to the studios! Well it's been a lifestyle since we've got a Mandarin Colossal Drama project. I don't know why all the teachers seemed to be a freakshow. But it is a great semester!!! We still have two big projects ahead : Percussion and Bahasa Indonesia Drama actually... and some field trips (arts and sociology) are waiting for us ;)

Today, we have no class, and it was switched by The Kartini's Day! There were Kartini and Kartono & Choir Competitions. And my class goes to the final tomorrow at 7 PM. Wish us luck :D

"Whether life's disabilities
Left you outcast, bullied or teased
Rejoice and love yourself today
'Cause, baby, you were born this way..."

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