When Sociology Talks about Diversity.

May 4th 2013. All Credits: Saveera Vivid. No editing. Read the annotation at the bottom.

(1) My team posed in front of our first destination: Kelenteng Eng An Kiong. (2) Mr Hanom when explained about goddess of moon and god of sun. (3) Behind the altar. (4) A stall of properties. (5) One of candle's locus - against the sunshine. (6) Koi! (7) Bhikkunis guided us to walk around at our second destination: Sekolah Tinggi Agama Buddha. (8) A bhikku walked across the terace.  (9-10) The replication of Patirupaka Shwedagon Pagoda. (11) Buddha statue when posing at his death. (12) The gate of maditation area. (13) My team minus Reyhan : Me, Titin, Showfil, Guide, Kurnia Putri, Agusti Nia, and Tangguh. (14) Prasasti Raja Asoka. (15) Our third destination: SMP/SMA Al Izzah. (16) Evi Novitasari. (17) After discussion. (18) Lunchtime at Aloon-Aloon Batu. (19) At the fourth destination : Gereja Paroki Gembala Baik. (20) The Altar which became the spot where most of the students took their pictures and pretended as a bride. (21) Pura Giri! The fifth destination! My favorite! (22) The Gate. (23) I love this 'hanging' flower. (24) Hey, self. (25) Saya suka dengan bapak ini, yang sebelah kanan. (26) Friends. After having the dinner nearby Aloon-Aloon Batu. (27-29) Lightphoria at BNS. (30) Lampion Garden. (31) Riding Sepeda Gantung! Our favorite :) (32) Outterview from above; blurred :( (33) Inner view. (34) How did it feel to be on this swing?

It was class! The exclussion class of sociology for 11 Grade Social Class (11 Soc 4 or Kamseupay and 11 Soc 5 or call us Ecsotic :) We have a chapter about Multiculturalism and Mr Muslich has planned this field trip for us. We love it! Of course we're tired upon all of this. But.. it was simply refreshing. F5 F5 F5...

The next day, we still had a trip to Dadaprejo, Batu to create our own ceramics. Hmm we need more sleeeep.....
Done with it, we went to Matoz. Me, Banin, Puput and Reyhan in a team. While Chris, Evi, Kiki, Bodel, Sam, Mega, and Ayik in b team.

.......aaand, still a bunch of mission ahead. oh. me. need. an. off.

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